What's Been Going On....

Hello Everyone, 

So I've been absent from blogland for over a week now, there has been A LOT that has gone in my personal life. 

If you have been around for like a minute you will know that I was so excited about Planet Comicon and that two of my friends were coming in to go with us. That all went fine and I will have an epic post about the awesomeness that was the Con on tomorrows post. However Saturday night things went a little crazy and have been pretty much non stop since then. 

One of my friends was sitting at dinner with all of us, celebrating my brother's birthday, when he had a seizure. He doesn't have a history of such things. This was completely out of blue. It was terrifying. He is thankfully okay and doing much better but at the time it was very scary. 

Also while my friend as at the hospital we got a call from my grandmother that my grandpa was put into the hospital that same night....and that things were not looking good. Long story short my grandpa is now on hospice care and we don't know how much longer he has left. They are just making him as comfortable as possible. 

So yes...things have been very intense around here and honestly I didn't want to blog until I could get a grip on what I was writing and not just put a mess here on the page. However I can assure you my personal journal is filled with all that mess. Writing is the thing that brings me balance and I am very ready to get back to blogging again. 

Thank you to everyone that commented and sent good thoughts and wishes my way. I really appreciate it and cannot thank you all enough. You all make my heart very full. 

Big hugs from here. 

Tomorrow I hope to have my full recap of Planet Comicon up for you all to see all of the awesomeness. I am truly a big nerd and fangirl....also I have no chill....but more on that tomorrow.


  1. All of my grandparents have passed, but I still cherish those relationships that I had with them. Times of illness for those close to us is so difficult because you can feel so helpless. Positive thoughts being sent your way!

  2. Im so sorry about your grandpa being in hospice. And your friend having a seizure. My friend actually had one the other day out of the blue as well. Life can be tough sometimes can't it? My journal also gets it all. Keep your head up Im sending positive vibes your way!


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