Good Morning Everyone, 

Today is my Mom's Birthday. 

You always need your mom - 8 x 10 chalk board printable from Fox Hollow Cottage

My mom is amazing. She is strong, confident, and more than capable of taking care of anything that comes her way. She's pretty much the most awesome mom ever. She still takes care of me...even though I am 30 years old...she will still drop everything to come to my rescue. 

Because that is what Mom's do. 

Here's a list of just a few of the totally awesome things my Mom does for me. 

1) Anytime she is at the thrift store and sees a book I might like she picks it up for me. I have a whole library thanks to her. 

2) She shapes my eyebrows. Yes I am 30 and I can pluck them myself but seriously no one does them like she does. 

3) She adores Kyra and is forever spoiling her. 

4) She let me have my wedding in her back yard. Do you have any idea how stressful and crazy that must have been for her? Yet she let me do it...and it was perfect. 

5) Any clothes I need altered? She's the one that fixes them. (she's a professional tailor) 

6) She always helps me with Spring Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Purging, Organizing, and Home Decorating. 

7) She's the person I call when I have to make a super important decision. 

8) She's the only other person that really gets what it is like to be a Mom....and that it isn't always glamorous...or even very fun. 

9) She always gives me her honest opinion. Sometimes it is brutal, but I know it is the truth. 

10) She still tells me she loves me every day. Every single day. 

Happy Birthday Mom. I love you more.


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