DIY: Play Makeup Pallet

Good Morning Everyone, 

So it is no secret around here that I really love makeup. 


Well Kyra really likes my makeup too. However since she is only 1 year old she is more into just making a mess. 

Still she really enjoys sitting with me while I put on my makeup and I know how much she wants to copy Mommy and thus this little beauty came into being. 

Here is what we started with: An old makeup pallet and a variety of nail polish colors

Basically after I cleaned out the old makeup pallet I let Kyra pick out a few of my nail polish colors that she liked. She loves telling me all the names of the colors so this was really a fun project for her! 

Once we had decided the colors I poured just a little bit of each one into the empty spaces. 

Then I let it dry overnight. 

In the morning POOF! A beautiful and safe pallet for Kyra to play with! She has her own little brush and she pretends to put on the colors all over her face while we get ready in the morning! 

This was such a fun DIY and honestly Kyra really loves playing with it! It cost me absolutely nothing and I really didn't even use that much polish in the empty spaces. No more than I would have used just doing one coat painting my nails! 

This was a total win in my book and I encourage any and all Mommy's with makeup addicted kiddos to create their own! 

Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. That is such a cool idea! And the nail polishes look gorgeous in the palette!

  2. This is such a great idea and so cool!!


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