Five on Friday Instead

1. I am starting to get really hyped about Planet Comicon

They keep announcing more and more amazing guests and I am so excited! Stan Lee, George Takei, Kevin Smith....the list goes on and on. I am thrilled and now I have to start saving up so I can BUY ALL THE THINGS when we are there. I'm thinking it may be an April Wallet Watch in the making. The con is at the end of May so I have some time!

2. Pink nails. For some reason I have really wanted to have light pink nails. No idea why but for some reason it has been calling my name. The only problem is that I actually didn't even ONE light pink polish! I had lots of hot pink or purple-y pink or even orange coral pink but no light pink! So I had to fix that problem and picked up this one called Tickled Pink by Sally Hansen!
Confession: Not my nails. Image Source

3. Hilarious Tunnel Antics. My brother was hanging out yesterday keeping Kyra and I company and this happened. The things we do for her!

4. Speaking of Kyra she has recently developed a love of Peppa Pig. The show is pretty cute and while we were shopping at Target we came across Peppa and her family. We picked it up for her.....only to return later and pick up Peppa's house as well. Yes we spoil her. No I don't regret it because she hasn't stopped playing with it since and she is so cute using her imagination and playing!
She fell asleep like this. Clutching her Peppa Pig House!

5. I love when I pick up a book at the library and the librarians are all like "Oh! What is this?? I need to add it to my list!" It gives me validation that my book choices are good choices. 

BTW the book was this one. 


I spotted it at Barnes and Noble and immediately put it on my holds list. I would have bought it immediately but they only had soft cover and I'm a snob because the second one was hardcover and if I get them I want them to match. Also now I get to read it and see if I want to buy it in the first place. #winning

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I love pink nails! That color is so fantastic! Have a fab weekend.

  2. I love light pink nails. That's a good color choice!


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