Morning Rituals

Wake up early- I attempt to get up before Kyra so that I can have a little bit of time to myself. Sometimes it is just long enough to have a cup of coffee and sometimes it is long enough for me get my coffee, a couple loads of laundry done, blog posts done, and meditation done. 

Meditation- I try to do this in the morning. It makes me feel more relaxed and focused during the day and it helps me to process what I really want to get done during the day. 

 Silence- I don't turn on music, the TV, or even speak before Kyra gets up if I can help it. I love the silence and it is great for meditation. Mostly however it is just nice to not have to hear the noise of the world. 

 Bullet Journal- I usually write down what I want to get done the night before but if I think of anything else to add then I add it now. Also I try to prioritize what I think I can actually get done and what absolutely HAS to get done. I am still new to this system but it has really helped me to streamline chores and obligations. Also it is helped me accept that sometimes I'm not going to get anything on the list done that day. Some days are just like that. 

Yoga- This doesn't happen every day. However the days that I do get it done I always feel better. I love morning workouts much more than evening ones. There are too many ways to get out of evening workouts. Tired, busy, etc., but I find very little excuses to skip a nice morning session. Plus yoga is quiet and quiet is good because it doesn't wake Kyra up! 

Shower/Skin Regimen- I don't always get a shower in the morning but I always take care of my skin. I'm 31, my skin is super important to me (as it should be to everyone!) so I always cleanse, use a serum, followed by moisturizer!

That's it! Basically that is my normal morning unless of course it has been a bad night or if Kyra wakes up early and we immediately jump into breakfast/playtime. (She is either a bouncy ball of energy in the morning or a grumpy kitten.) 

Do you have any morning rituals? Are you thinking of starting one? Anything I should add to mine? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I'm at work at 7:30am so not much me-time happens in the morning. But I do take the time to stand on the patio and just breathe while the dog is doing his business. Chilly mornings are always the best for this!


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