Friday Favorites 3/4

It's Friday and that means it is time for some Favorites!

Nail Ideas | Diy Nails | Nail Designs | Nail Art:
Loving the spring colors. So pretty.

Moon and Stars Nail. This is all sorts of perfect! I love it, so clever! :)
Again I wish I had the patience and skill level for this....

Nerdy Girl:
Mischief Managed Rocks Glasses, $24.98

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at
I need this stool in my life.

Me as a wizard.

I am Froot. Omg this is amazing. We should make a movie about this! Who put grape sticks up there butts? Hahaha. Comment!:
I laughed for an inappropriate amount of time at this. Seriously I cannot stop giggling.

Song of the Week: This song has been following me around since I saw Deadpool last week. It's not's Wham! They earned that exclamation mark!

Have a great weekend everyone! 



  1. Haha. Imagine having magic powers and using it to do mundane things like make the bed. I'd probably use mine to clean my room too - it's always the little things that get to us, right?
    And oh, that nail polish is awesome!

  2. Frootttt lolllz
    Sooo I bought Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans when we were at Universal and Teh German refuses to try them! Dirt really tasted like dirt! I did just toss the black pepper one since it was also an accurate flavoring. I'm going to share them with my local HP fan friends here rather than bring them to work to trick people. Figured that'd be nicer of me than tricking people.


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