Confessions: Running A little late

I confess this post is super late because I just forgot/was tired/ lots of reasons.....

I confess that part of the reason I was tired was because we took Kyra to get her pictures done yesterday and the girl was new and not good with kids and Kyra wasn't having it and we only got one good picture which was kind of good for the wallet but the whole thing was EXHAUSTING. 

I confess that I am also tired because I had to make sure that Robert was up and going at 3am this morning so that he could make the drive to St. Louis for work. Just across the state. No big deal. 

I confess that also I have the headache from hell because the weather can't make up it's mind. As is apparent in Colorado....Here  it's just really stormy and barometric pressure will be the death of me. 

I confess I didn't expect these confessions to come off as whiny but it is what it is. 

I also confess that I was surprised by the amount of people that were surprised I had ridden an elephant and a camel....I did not realize that was a rare thing....I've ridden elephants at several places but the camel was at the Renaissance Faire. They have an elephant there too. 

I confess this picture of Kyra and my Mom makes me so very happy. This is a moment that I want her to have forever. 

That's it for this confession session. Happy Humpday Everyone. 

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  1. I love that photo of Kyra and your Mom! Grandparents are amazing.

    I've had a few headaches this week. Not cool.


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