Weekend Recap: Maximum Effort

Woke up fairly early and Robert suggested that we might go and see Deadpool if my parents were willing to watch Kyra for a bit. I called them up and they were of course delighted. So we all got ready and we dropped Kyra off who handled the whole thing so well. Sometimes she is completely fine being left at my parents and sometimes she only wants Mama and then it is painful for everyone. Today however she was ready to go and have some fun. 

Robert and I headed off to the movie that was HILARIOUS. Yes it was inappropriate, perverted, sarcastic, crass, and there was a LOT more naked than in other Marvel movies but it was so wonderfully Deadpool. Honestly I don't think they could have gotten it more perfect if they tried. We laughed so hard throughout the whole thing and yes it will be one that we purchase in the future. Well Done. 

I was surprised that there was an entire boy's soccer team there...they were all around 9 or 10 years old and I thought that was a bit young for this but....well I'm not their mom so whatever. 

After the movie we grabbed a quick bite and then went back to pick up Kyra. We had a double birthday party to go to for my husband's dad and stepmom later that evening. 

Kyra wasn't willing at first. She was getting to play in the mud and had gotten to feed the horse and the chickens and basically was living it up at my parents. However finally we convinced her to go and after a bit of clean up we went to the birthday party where she was really well behaved and made me so proud. It's tough to be a well behaved two year old especially when the other kids are older and get to do things you don't get to. However a bottle of bubbles can fix just about anything and she was pretty content to chase bubbles through the yard so long as Mom and Dad kept blowing lots and lots of bubbles. I have no pictures of this entire evening because I was playing with Kyra. #notsorry

Needless to say after that day we all slept pretty well. 

I made breakfast of bacon and eggs and had planned to spend the day doing laundry and meal prepping but it was 75 degrees outside and Robert and Kyra were itching to get out into the world. 

So we went out to wander around a bit. We hit up the Tabletop game store to see what was new and Kyra of course charmed everyone there with her exclamation of "Games! Monsters! KITTY!" (They have a resident cat and Kyra is in love with.) 

After the Tabletop store we just went and hit up Home Goods and Marshalls but by far our favorite stop was 5 Below. We had never been in one before and spent the majority of the time laughing at hilarious cards in the card section, trying on bunny ears in the Easter section, and just generally being those people you stare at and walk away from. It was a blast. 

Then we started heading back home but Robert made a stop by the store Yoki. It's a store with tons of Japanese inspired items. We wandered around in there for a good while before picking up a few items. 

The first thing I got was this little bundle. It is makeup remover wipes, 3 face masks, and a towel. It was only 7 bucks! Had to have it. 

The second things we got I can only show you the wrappers of because we ate them before I remembered to be a good blogger and take a photo. 
Green Tea Kit Kat

Cheesecake Kit Kat

The Green Tea Kit Kats were our favorite and I will have to get more at some point. Delicious! 

Then we had to head home where it was time to have dinner and just kind of veg out for the evening. We attempted to watch Fuller House. Robert's idea not mine. He will watch literally ANYTHING that is new... but after two very painful episodes even he admitted that it was just too bad to watch. Yeah just skip it. 
Then before you know it it was Bathtime/Bedtime around here and the weekend was Poof! Gone. 

So what did you all get up to? Anyone else see Deadpool?? 


  1. I will see Deadpool when it comes out to watch at home.

    No interest at all in Fuller House.

  2. I had no idea KitKats came in any flavor other than chocolate or white chocolate! There's a Japanese grocery store near my work, I wonder if they have then....? We like 5 Below, the hubby & I go play with the toys.

  3. Don't think I have any interest in seeing Deadpool, but my husband probably will when it comes out on DVD. We love Five Below. Lots of fun stuff there and so cheap! I haven't tried Fuller House. I probably will watch at least the first one, but I don't have high hopes.

  4. LOVED Deadpool! I had no idea what it was about/no background info but it was hysterical and just all around awesome. I need to try those green tea Kit Kats! And yeah, I'm out on Fuller House. I can't believe it was renewed for another season.

  5. I really want to try these weird flavored kit kats and I wonder if they have them at the asian market where I get my hi-chews. I must do some research.
    I'm glad you enjoyed Deadpool. Even though I'm not a comics follower, I enjoyed the movie.. and Ryan Reynolds definitely didn't hurt my eyes for that hour and a half. Mmmmmmm.


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