For the Love of a Dog

My weekend unexpected took a turn starting Thursday. I had noticed that Kiya wasn't herself. She seemed tired and slow and I got worried. Then she wasn't eating her food. So I tempted her with some ground beef to see if she would eat that. Nothing. This was serious. My parents came over that afternoon to visit Kyra and my mom said to go ahead and take Kiya to the vet while they watched over Kyra. 

The vet visit did not go well. Kiya had a very serious infection that would require surgery. My vet no longer does this kind of surgery and he referred me to several different vets in the area. I asked for a ball park figure on how much it was going to be....$2000-$3500..... and if she didn't have the surgery immediately she wasn't going to make she wasn't going to make it to Monday even.

 I just started to cry. 

I left the vet and immediately began calling all the vets nearby. My husband began calling as well. Finally we found one that would do the surgery that night and for a price that was more in our budget. Robert ran Kiya to the vet (about 50 minutes away) while I stayed home with Kyra. They said they would get her into surgery and call us once it was done. 

It was so hard to wait and not know. Kiya is 9 years old.....what if she couldn't take the surgery? What if the infection had gotten too far? I was worried sick. 

Finally they called. She made it through. They would keep her overnight and call in the morning. If she was okay through the night then I could pick her up. 

I can safely say I did not sleep well. 

Friday morning promptly at 8am they called to say she was doing fine. I was so so relieved! 

Robert was actually leaving for the weekend so my parents offered to take Kyra and me up to pick Kiya up. 

She was SO happy to see me! I was SO happy to see her! 

She is doing so much better now even though she REALLY hates the cone of shame but I couldn't be happier with her care. They saved my little pup's life. I am just eternally grateful. 

Now it's been a long weekend and I am pretty exhausted. Kyra also got some stomach bug over the weekend so I spent the whole time taking care of a sick little girl and a sore little pup. Lots of work...but lots of love too.


  1. I am SO happy that this has a happy ending. Sweet love to Kiya.

  2. I know this is late on here, but I am glad she's doing better and that everything worked out! Also, if I didn't mention it before, holy name confusion, batman. I started reading and I'm like, but I thought the dog was sick.. OHHH she is talking about the dog, not the kid! I need sleeps.


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