Confessions: What I did while my husband was in Vegas

1. Made a super epic hot cocoa of goodness. I had had this pinned for a long time and as you can tell by the title of the blog I am a lover of all things cocoa so I just had to give this one a go! It was as delicious as it looks. 

2. Awesome face masks that make you look like a serial killer. I am in love with these Tony Moly masks. They carry them at Ulta for like $6 bucks but I bought a pack of 11 for $9 on Amazon. They look creepy but seriously they feel amazing! 

3. Binge watch all the girly shows and movies that he isn't into. It was so nice to just watch what I wanted after the kiddo was down for the night and just enjoy it. 

4. Blast my favorite cheesy pop/80s/random music and have crazy dance parties with Kyra right in the middle of the living room. Sometimes you just need to dance it out! 

So there's the confessions for the week! What would you all do? 
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  1. I'm trying to do more face masks - I buy them and then don't do them. Hello that's not helping.

  2. I am 100% down with dancing it out. Living room dance parties are where its at!

  3. I made pumpkin hot chocolate one year.. OMG so delicious and I made dream-whip whipped cream to go with it.. SOOO GUUUUDDDDD.
    So when my sister came to visit me in Bahrain, we decided to do one of those egg mask things since it's supposed to pull out your blackheads.. yeah, no. We just had egg battered toilet paper stuck to our faces and we looked like mummies.. AND IT HURT TO PULL IT OFF! One of our worst ideas ever.

  4. i LOVE face masks! everytime i wear one, i think of Hannibal Lecter...Hello Clarice.... LOL

  5. I am smiling at the thought of you and Kyra having a dance party to 80s pop music :)

  6. I love treating myself to things like this when I'm out and about too!

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