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I posted on Tuesday about how I've started Meditating and I mentioned that I would let you all know what apps I have been using and what worked for me. I was actually planning on posting this next Tuesday but since I had so much interest in what I was using I bumped it up! 

All these apps are "free" apps that I found by searching the app store and also from reading meditation/mindfulness blogs. Reviews are my own and are not sponsored in any way.

So here's the list: 

Stop. Breathe. Think.- This is by far my favorite meditation app. It asks you to check in each day and identify just what emotional state you are in. You select emotions from a lists and then it generates a list of meditations that will go along with what you are feeling. Whether you need to simply do a body scan to release tension or you simply want to find some gratitude for the things you should be grateful for, this is a really wonderful app. It has several selections for time and should you not like the generated list you can select a different option. 

I also like that you get rewarded for checking in with a daily counter of your meditation streak. I'm a gold star kind of person and I love seeing my progress each day. Also you get stickers for completed meditations and time spent meditating which of course I love. 

This app does have the option to purchase packages with more meditations but the packages run you around .99 cents. This doesn't bother me too much as I am still working through all the meditations that are free and I've been doing it since the beginning of January. However 99 cents isn't that much and I will most likely end up purchasing a few of the packages in the future.

Headspace- I really enjoyed this app. I love his voice. I love the ten meditations and how he explains how thoughts work in a way that makes sense to me personally. There were also animations that were very helpful and fun to watch before certain meditations to prepare you for the mediation itself. The app itself is free as are the first ten meditations. 

This is where I get a little irritated with this app. The first ten meditations were amazing and free but you have to subscribe in order to continue. The subscription is $12.99 which is out of my budget for a monthly subscription. So while I very much enjoyed the app I won't be continuing with it.

Calm- This is also a guided meditation app. It is a good app if you just want to do a body scan and focus on each part of your body in order to release the tension in each step. Very relaxing right before bed though I will admit her voice isn't my favorite. I also like the option of changing the scenes if you aren't the type of person to close your eyes during meditation.

 This app is good for when you just want to shake out the tightness in the shoulders and neck and back...that is if you tend to carry your stress in those places like I do! It also has the option of the 7 days of calm which is a great intro into meditation. I am still working with this one as it is the newest of the apps that I have started.

Take a Break- This app is not a guided meditation app and will link you to other apps. Not my favorite but the sounds are relaxing if you are into a white noise sort of meditation. It does have settings for length which would make it more ideal for breaks at work. I kept the app but I rarely use it. I might use it more if I were still working in an office setting however. 

I hope you all found this review helpful and hopefully you find one of these that will suit you.

If you do end up trying them please let me know what you think! Also if you find one that you like that I didn't mention I would love to know and try more! 


  1. Good for you taking some time for mindfulness.
    For me, taking time to worship - pray, read the Bible and just be still - helps me to be centered.

  2. my cousin meditates daily....he's been doing it for years. i wish i could; there are so many benefits of meditation but it's kind of hard when your kid is always up on your grill! :D

  3. Thank you so much for this! I'm going to try out Stop Breathe Think!

  4. Ok, now to make time for these!

  5. I LOVE Stop, Breathe, Think and then I got a new phone and it's not compatible. I tried the other apps but they're not as good and I just don't use them. :(


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