Thursday Thoughts 2/25

1. This post is late because I was adulting this morning. Adulting is hard. However it was successful and many things that I was dreading have now been crossed off the to do list.

2. I HATE when my online account acts up and I have to call and talk to an automated system that also doesn't work and then have to talk to a person that I cannot understand. Seriously anxiety spikes every time. 

3. The ridiculousness on my Facebook feed due to the election, Jessica Simpson, Charlize Theron prompted me to do a purge. I have never felt better. 

4. I love when I get into reading again. My housework suffers but I love the feeling of reading a book and knowing I'm ready to jump into reading at least three more. 

5. I made Chocolate Chip Cookies on Tuesday night for no other reason than I wanted to. It was awesome. 

6. Planet Comic Con is stepping up this year and there are so many guests I want to see and so many cosplayers that I'm just jumping up and down every time I get an email about it. Seriously I don't know if I will make it to May! 

7. I have been working behind the scenes on a separate Cosplay blog. I wanted to do a weekly thing on this one but since I had so many things I wanted to do it made more sense to start a new blog. I hope it goes well....I'm really pumped for it! 

8. Kyra is starting to get into board games. (Not a surprise in this house.) And right now Connect 4 is a front runner. She doesn't really understand the rules but she has fun and begs us to play with her so really it's all worth it. 

9. I NEED to try the new Starbucks take on Butterbeer. Seriously. Need. 

10. Thank you to everyone who sent kind thoughts for my little dog Kiya. She is doing AWESOME and is nearly back to her old self. She hates the cone and wants it off but she still has another week before that happens. I'm just happy to see her tail wagging again and that her appetite is right back to normal! 

Happy Thursday Everyone!


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