Reading....Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman 

Watching....X Files I loved the show way back when and I love it now. Mulder and Scully are just awesome.

Wanting.....more brush pens. Seriously Bullet Journaling has just given me an excuse to indulge in all the office supply things that I love. That was always my favorite part of back to school. New supplies!

Loving.....London Fog. I found this recipe on Pinterest and the name was what caught my attention at first. I didn't realize they make something similar at Starbucks and I have never had their version but man I am in love with this drink. It's becoming an almost nightly ritual.

Writing....1000 words a day. Sure most of it is awful but I'm writing and every day it gets better and better.

Cooking....these awesome egg muffins by Steph! I tried these this week and now I will make them pretty much forever. So tasty and simple! 

Also cooking up some really tasty chicken mushroom broccoli....low carb and YUM!

So what's up with you Currently?


  1. London fog?? What is it? What does it taste like?

  2. I've been eating a lot of chicken and broccoli lately too. It started with some chinese takeout one night and then i just bought some groceries and it became my default dinner for a couple nights.
    I've never had a London Fog. What's that?

  3. Neil Gaiman has been on my radar a lot recently. Several people have brought him up to me, but Coraline (the movie) freaked me the fuck out and I'm just not sure if I want to read his stuff.. IDK, we'll see.
    YAY for healthy eats! Keep it up!


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