The Day of Confessions has arrived!

Good Morning Everyone!

It's good to be back and blogging again and what better way to get back into the swing of things than with a Confession Day Post!

Vodka and Soda

...I confess that after reading approx. twenty blogs in my backed up Bloglovin list I straight up marked them all as read and moved on. It was WAY too stressful to even think about going through and trying to comment on things that happened about four days ago. Sorry not sorry.

...I confess that even though I'm trying to eat healthy and do well, I still made chocolate chip zucchini bread. I ate three slices. Again sorry not sorry.

... I confess that I started watching Supernatural from the beginning again. Seriously I just love that show...but you all knew that right?

... I confess that I got super nerdy girl excited when the new Hobbit Teaser trailer came out. I CANNOT wait!

... I confess I got a little bummed but totally LOVED seeing all the Instagram photos from San Diego Comic Con this past week. SO many great cosplays and so many AMAZING artists! Some day I will go!

...I confess that teething is pretty much the worst part of life. My poor baby is just miserable lately with three new teeth coming in....not to mention it tends to just upset her poor little belly which means diaper rash which means...ugh it means that unless it is nap time or bed time pretty much no one is relaxed in this house.
...I confess that I cried a little when the first puppy was taken by his new family. Even though it was my in they live right next door. Like....the other side of the duplex next door. I'm such a baby. He is super happy though and his name is now Harley.

....I confess that I am really nervous/excited about my upcoming 5K! It's going to be awesome but I am just praying for an 80 degree day and not a 100 degree one! I will just have to keep this in mind at all times! 

Okay that is it for me today! Have a great Wednesday Everyone! 


  1. blah, teething! poor thing. it makes them so cranky and how could it not? having sharp things poking through their gums? i'm SO GLAD that kayla is done with that for now (until her adult teeth come in) but by then, she'll be much older. when i make banana choco chip muffins, i'll eat 2 at a time. i know what's in there since i made it, and beacuse it's from, it's healthy right? so the more the merrier :D

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  2. That's because chocolate chip zucchini bread is amazing!

  3. YAY for 5Ks!!! I'm doing a half marathon in Sept and I'm also praying for cooler temps. I've been training on the ridiculous 90° days, but my cooler day runs are SOOO much better. You'll do great!

  4. good luck on your 5k!! oh i wish i could have gone to comic con as well, how amazing would it be? it would be so unbelievably crazy though, i'm not good in crowds of people and felt anxiety over the teeny comic con i went to, cant imagine how i would be in san diego! i am so behind on supernatural this season, i might have to start all over again because its such a great show!

  5. Teething is is potty training! That is driving me INSANE!
    Good luck on your 5k :-)

  6. I want to watch supernatural! Everyone seems to love it and I've never watched it :( boo!

  7. I do the same thing with Bloglovin' sometimes and mainly just because I'm OCD and want everything neat and proper.. and the whole puppy thing-- OMG. I would cry too. That is one of the reasons why I swore I would never "have puppies" again. It was torture watching each of the babies go to their new owners. I would keep each and every one of them if I could! At least you get to watch it grow next door, right!

  8. I can't turn away bread, so I don't blame you for eating 3 slices!

  9. Girl Im currently going through about 100 and pretty close to marking all as read. The struggle is real!


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