Friday Favorites~ Happy 4th of July!

Good Morning Everyone!

It's FRIDAY and for those of us that live in the USA.........It's Independence Day! 

It is also time for the Friday Favorites!

First Favorite of this week will be the USA itself. I have been to other countries. I have LOVED other countries (Jamaica, Ireland, England I am looking at you three here....) but I am very happy and proud to live in the US. It is by no means perfect but hey it's home. 

Now on to the other favorites! 

I want now...and I hate Monopoly....
 Harry Potter Monopoly exists. WHY DONT I OWN IT?! WTH why did i not know about this !!!

Hello Lover....

Yes....I will be needing this in my future home.
 20 Unusual Furniture Hacks | Old grand piano turned into a beautiful book shelf.


 ...This line of makeup from MAC...totally sold out but still...Want. 

This sums up my Pinterest Addiction...
 Funny Friendship Ecard: About to log-off Pinterest... Oh wait, what's that?!?!
This Polish....OPI Fly

OPI "Fly" (Nicki Minaj Collection)

And Finally My Favorite Song this week!


Happy Friday Everyone and Happy 4th of July My Fellow Americans!! Be safe and enjoy your holiday!


  1. Love those black shoes and I love love love monopoly (although harry potter not so much) ha

  2. I love that nail polish color!


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