New Month, New Challenge

Good Morning Everyone!

Apologies for no blog post yesterday but I spent most of the day attempting to wrangle puppies, full grown dogs, and of course my one year old. It was a full day to say the least. 

Anyhow today is July 1st! New month means a new challenge for the month! This month I plan on focusing on my writing a lot more so there will be a challenge to make sure that I write! Every week I will post the writing challenge for the week and then post my submission for the challenge. I invite ANYONE and EVERYONE to join in the fun! 

Chaos and Cocoa

This Week's Challenge: Select a book at random in the room.  Find a novel or short story, copy down the last sentence and use this line as the first line of your new story.

Now I don't expect anyone to write this THIS MINUTE so I will give you the challenge for the week and then host the linkup next Tuesday for your submissions.  I will post my own submission in next Tuesday's post here on my blog! 

I hope that this will be a fun exercise in writing and will get me to work on something other than my other novel to give my brain a break! 

Hope Everyone is having a great Tuesday! Don't forget that tomorrow is Confession Day!! 


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