Hot Mama Monday- Trying to get my Mojo back

Good Morning Everyone and Welcome! 

Late post this morning because it has been a busy one and also I am not really feeling very well, but I didn't want to miss a Monday Morning with you all! 

Today I am going to talk about my attempts to get my Mojo back. 

Weight loss has always been a real struggle for me. Sometimes I'm up and sometimes I'm down. There is very little rhyme or reason to my really great losses and my really great gains other than general happiness. That isn't to say right now isn't a happy time for me but my stress levels are at an all time high.

My biggest problem is getting discouraged when things don't go well. When I have a bad day, or a bad week it tends to spiral out of control and suddenly it has been weeks since my last good workout and I haven't logged my calorie intake. 

I'm not sure why it always has to be "all or nothing" with me but I am trying to work on it. This week in particular I am going to try and get myself back into the mindset of weight loss and feeling motivated. I know I'm not in my good mindset but almost there at the moment because this morning the following scene happened.

Brownies in the kitchen. 

Me: I could have one of those for breakfast. 

Inner Me: Yeah you could but what about trying to lose weight? Weren't you going to start off right today?

Me:Whatever, I don't care. I just want to feel better.

Inner Me: Yes you do. You do care. You want to look good, you want to feel good. You DO care. 

Me: .....okay. 

So I had my scheduled breakfast and left the brownie alone.

I got to thinking about it however and I thought...Why would the brownie make me feel better? This morning has been pretty stressful. 13 dogs and a baby to care for really pushes my limits and it makes my morning very busy. Kennel to clean, change the towels, walk the dogs, feed the dogs, give the baby a bottle, make the baby breakfast and on mornings where I have forgotten to write my blog ahead of time, I have to get a blog post up. STRESS. 

So I am going to try and not let stress dictate how I eat. That will be step one. 

Step 2 will be that I will work out for 30 minutes every day or else do three miles every day. I'm not a step counter but I saw this on Pinterest the other day and I thought....hey that sounds manageable.
 A Celebrity Trainer Shares a Tip That Helped Her Lose 30 Pounds ~ The 3 or 30 rule
Step 3 is to try and look at as much motivational material as possible. I am trying to really pin things that make me feel more inspired to stick to my plan and that inspire me. 

Have patience.
So those are the goals for this week. I realize that they are not as concrete as my previous ones but I feel like while I am trying to get my Mojo back they are the ones that I really need to focus on. 

What are your goals for the week? What helps you stay motivated? Are you feeling your Mojo this week? Leave a comment down below!


  1. You totally got this girl and if you ever need someone to talk to or help email me :)

  2. Loosing weight and staying on track is always so tough for me. I do so good with my work outs, but I usually undo any of those good efforts with my eating. I am there with you on the struggle!


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