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So this weekend most of the Midwest was hit by an ice storm. While it wasn't really bad where I live we still stayed in and off the roads just in case it did eventually get worse. Of course what do you do when you are housebound for an entire weekend? Watch TV...and stay in pajamas pretty much the entire time but hey that is a given right? 

Anyhow we watched a lot of awesome stuff over the weekend and thought I would share with you all in case the weather has you in as well! 

1. Outlander- My mom loaned me the first seasons both Volume 1 and 2 and we finished both in the weekend. Oh this show. SO MUCH DRAMA. Not only that but the accents are beautiful, the scenery is gorgeous, and the knitwear is out of this world. I really like the story so far and I knew basically nothing at all about it before starting the show. I knew there was a time travel type element and I knew it was taking place in Scotland. What I didn't know was how amazing the characters would be and how they would draw me into their lives. This show is totally binge worthy if you are a romantic or you love historical fiction. It can be violent and sometimes the sexy times are a little more than necessary (aka DO NOT watch with little ones around. Kyra was happily watching Beauty and the Beast in the bedroom or asleep when we were watching.) 
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2. Series of Unfortunate Events- I love that Netflix is starting to really take off on their own content. I am so happy to have this series back to life after a bit of a flop at the box office (though I didn't mind the movie that much honestly) and the actors are awesome. I will admit that it is slightly weird and if you haven't read the books (like my husband hadn't) you might be confused. They do a great job of following the books and while at times it can get a bit repetitive I didn't find it more so than any other show. Neil Patrick Harris is a hilarious Count Olaf but I have to say that the absolute STAR of the show is Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket. He is so funny and his deadpan delivery is brilliant.  If you are looking for something on Netflix to binge this is a great one! 

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3. Alice Through the Looking Glass- Okay so this isn't really a series to binge watch but it was a show we watched over the weekend and it was such a good movie I had to include it. I liked this one so much better than the first one. I actually really did enjoy the first one but this one by far exceeded my expectations. The story just made a little more sense and there was a lot more action in this one as opposed to the first. Visually very pretty and I feel like the actress that played Alice really got into the role this time. If you are a fan of the books or the movies be sure to check this one out! 
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I know there are only three shows on this list but honestly it took the entire weekend to watch them all and I regret NOTHING! Sometimes you just need a weekend of being lazy, binging on shows, and just cuddling up on the couch under blankets while the weather does whatever it is it is going to do! 

What have you been watching lately?


  1. I loved A Series Of Unfortunate Events! I watched the entire season in one night haha. Neil Patrick Harris does a great job at playing Count Olaf! I also agree on Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket! As for shows that I've been watching, I loved the show The 100. I've also been binge watching Once Upon A Time. It's my new favorite show! :)

    -Chelsea |

  2. One day, when I actually watch TV, I may watch Outlander.
    I am halfway through the S6 E1 Downton Abbey episode... And this is my 2nd stop in the middle of the episode. I'm horrible.

    Although, I mayyyyy start Teh German on Sherlock after we finish HIMYM (soon sooooo soon) so then I can watch the new stuff that just came out and it's not a huge commitment since they don't have many episodes.

  3. My husband and I have actually been discussing maybe, possibly, actually trying to binge watch a tv series. We haven't done this. Ever. We are considering True Detective, Sons of Anarchy, Banshee, and Breaking Bad.


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