First Confessions of the New Year

1. Books have been on point this month! Seriously I have powered through five books this month and four of the five have been amazing. I am so happy that I am ahead on reading because last year I felt like I kept putting reading off for other (non important) things and this year I am trying to make sure that I am reading and taking time for myself to just sit quietly. 

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2. I have a cart full of stuff from Sephora. I have not purchased any of it yet but I come back daily and look at my cart and just kind of wistfully sigh. I do have a gift card but I am terrified that I will end up buying something and then something EVEN BETTER will come out and I will miss out....which is ridiculous. I am ridiculous. 

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3. I also really want this whole collection from Sinful Colors. I adore Kandee Johnson. 
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4. I have been looking into forms of passive income to help out. It is just so overwhelming. I honestly go between suggestions that are possibly doable to the same run of the mill junk. I just want to find a way of making a small amount per month so that I can start putting money away for savings and the occasional splurge. This blog makes me 0 dollars a month. I'm not a "popular" blogger and honestly that is okay but I do wish I could be a "successful" blogger who makes this a full time job. The issue I have found however is that each time I look into the blogs that make money it is always the same generic nonsense that I don't even read. I actually read one blog that was like "You aren't going to make money if you just talk about your dog and your kids. People want to know how to lose weight, where to shop, blah blah..." and I cringed. I just can't seem to get behind that at all. My blog is my favorite place to share with you all...
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5. I have also been feeling a little lost in life. I want creativity and I feel like I have a lot of good ideas but I have TOO MANY ideas. Does that make sense? I was making a list of things I love and I see potential but I am overwhelmed and have no idea where to take things. I just know that I am happiest when I am creating something that will eventually go on to someone else. However my artistic skills are limited at the moment and while I can knit I would still consider myself a novice in this area. I am not sure what I am trying to get out of this confession but I just know that I am lost. 
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What are you confessing this week?


  1. Speaking of makeup... I think I have a task you might like to do... :)

    I agree about the blogging for dollas thing. I just can't be part of the loose weight, look great, do this, do that, for money. It's just not me.

    As for the creativity thing. Just keep writing the ideas down. Even if they aren't immediately coming to something, they still might.

  2. reading has been taking over my life and i ain't mad about that! i've been blowing through the Red Rising series and am sad that it's coming to an end (on the last book).

  3. hahahaha the first picture lit....erary. i'm gonna use that. i love spending gift cards immediately, but for some reason, sephora/ulta make me feel the same way. i never keep a hold of gift cards except for those. like i'm afraid i will purchase incorrectly. haha.
    i will never be a blog that makes money and that is totally more than okay by me. when i first started i was like yeah, i'm gonna be awesome, and make all the money, but then i got over it and realised i didn't even want to do the things they tell you to do. so, whatever. i hope you're able to find some extra income though. it's helpful for sure. i make money (not a lot) using ebates when i shop, and i buy a lot through it for work, so that helps. it goes straight on my debt, i don't even let myself do anything else with it lol.
    i am the least creative person on the planet, so no help there.


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