I started off by wanting to do a Weekend Recap post. However I have no pictures and all we did was hang out and play board games literally ALL WEEKEND LONG. So that doesn't make for very exciting posting. 

Then I thought I would put up some Monday Motivation stuff to get you going and ready for the week. However I can't get my computer to load Pinterest and I don't even remember what I have posted before so that I am not just posting the same thing over again. 

So maybe I thought I would post my Goals/ Non Resolutions for the year.....but I had that post scheduled for Thursday already. 

Then I started by working on my Show Us Your Books post for tomorrow. I managed to get it done but it took well over an hour because my computer is running at the pace of a turtle through peanut butter and I nearly pulled my hair out trying to get the images to load. 

So instead you get this image and now I'm going to make another cup of coffee because this is going to be one of those days. 

Today is one of those days where my coffee is gonna have to work it's beans off.:

Happy Monday Everyone.


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