Currently....July 2016

First off thank you all for the kind words about Lilly. My parents took her to be put down last week because she was just in so much pain. It was much kinder to let her go. My mom's heart is broken because Lilly was her little lap dog and she was always by her side. It's just going to be a long time of grieving. 

Now then on with blogging which I am kind of easing back into this week after a bit of a break. I felt like I really needed one and now I feel like I have some good ideas for posts and am ready to get things moving again. 

Reading.....Swimming with Piranhas at Feeding time by Richard Conniff. I have been trying to finish this one for a while but I keep getting distracted! This week I will finish! It's really an interesting read but I keep getting sucked into audio books while cleaning and haven't been actually sitting down to read lately.


Watching.....The Shannara Chronicles on Netflix. I have never read this series but I remember it from when I was younger and when I saw it pop up on Netflix we thought we would give it a go. I'm actually enjoying it so far and am looking forward to seeing more of this world. I actually downloaded the audio book as well just to get to know more of the story.


Loving.....Cold Brew Coffee. I have been making my own at home via Steph's recipe and it is AWESOME. I love iced coffee and this recipe is perfect and saves me some major dollars. I love the flavor and will continue to brew at home from now on!

Wanting....Colourpop Gone Coastal set. I am totally sold on Colourpop. The price is right and the products are awesome. I have loved every single thing I have ever purchased from them!
Gone Coastal

So what are you up to Currently? 


  1. MFD is now mainlining the cold brew and I need to increase production even more. I have to make another batch tonight or tomorrow.

    So sorry about Lilly.

  2. I've never even heard of Colourpop...I need to check that link out...pronto!

  3. hmmmm The Shannara Chronicles sounds interesting, i had heard of the show but not the books, i wonder if i should read the books first or go straight to the show. i am so sorry about lilly. xx

  4. Now that I can drink coffee again, I'll be doing a lot of cold brew coffee! I also read that you can make coffee cubes! just brew regular coffee, let cool, then pour into ice cube trays and use those for cold coffee! doesn't dilute the coffee at all!! BRILLIANT.


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