What I Read- June 2016

It's time for the best linkup of the month again! Let's see those books!

American Housewife: Stories by Helen Ellis- This set of short stories was just hit and miss for me. Some were dark and really funny and others were just downright boring or insulting. As you can see by the title it is a set of short stories about housewives and their lives in the home...or just their lives in general.  I listened to this one on audio book and I have to say that the voice acting was really enjoyable even when the stories weren't. It was a really short set of stories so if you are into that kind of thing you might enjoy it but I wouldn't go out and pick it up right away or anything.

The Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King- I really enjoy Stephen King's writing most of the time and I was excited to read his short stories. (well in this case listen to them) I have to say that I enjoyed all but like two of them. I actually think I preferred his short stories to a lot of his longer novels simply because he didn't go off on tangents with with most of them. I enjoy his writing but I can see how many are thrown off if you aren't used to his style. These stories were dark, creepy, and pretty much awesome. I think I loved the very first story the most but all in all it was a great set of scary tales to keep you up at night.

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld- This was one that I read for Erin's Read Your Own Books Challenge. I have gotten this whole trilogy via the thrift store and yet had not gotten a chance to read any of them. Finally I did and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I am kind of over the whole distopian society thing because it has been done and done well several times before. (Divergent, Hunger Games, Maze Runner...etc) This one however actually had me concerned for my priorities. I actually thought it would be lovely to turn 16 and they instantly make you pretty....no more body issues....just...pretty. THAT is DISTURBING. I have always struggled with body image but now that I am older I am learning to love the woman that I am and all the parts of her...so this was a trip to send me right back to that place of wanting to be PRETTY. If you are into YA fiction, Distopian Futures, and all that jazz I would highly recommend this book. I am halfway through the next one and it is just a enjoyable!

Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman- Another of the books on my list from Erin's Challenge. This audio book has been in my Audible account for about forever so I thought I would give it a go. I loved listening to Nick Offerman's voice as I think it is pretty amazing and the book itself was good. It wasn't my favorite and it had moments where it was a bit dry for me but overall I really liked it. It is a VERY opinionated book but I liked that about it. Also if you check out the title you can tell that it is going to be that sort of book. Sure there is some humor but mostly it was just Nick and his tell it like I see it point of view. I didn't always agree with him but I liked listening to his take on things and he made good arguments. All in all I am glad that I finally gave this one a chance!

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero - I saw this book on an instagram post and immediately I was drawn to it. The title for sure sucked me in and I had to know what this book was about. Basically this is a "self help" book. Sure it has a lot of Whoo Whoo moments but I have to say....I kinda loved this book. I have been working on getting to a place where I feel comfortable in who I am and also learning what direction I want to take in my life in order to become who I want to be in the future. This book is really inspiring and frankly really honest about getting things together and taking charge of your life. It happened to just come along at the right time for me and I actually think that I will be purchasing it in the very near future. This was another one that I listened to on audio book and I think this one is for sure one that is better on audio book verses reading it on your own. 

So there are my books for June! Be sure to join the linkup for more books to add to your reading list!
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  1. Oh, I've had Uglies (and the series) on my TBR for years now, but have never gotten around to them. The premise does sound really interesting and I can totally understand being transported back to that age of wanting to be pretty.

  2. Uglies intrigues me. I added it to my list!

  3. you are a badass is on my list, glad to hear you liked it :) and uglies sounds interesting, i would have the same thoughts i think, which is ridiculous haha but it's an ongoing struggle and it would be nice to wave a magic wand and be pretty or whatever. definitely adding that to my list!

  4. Just added Paddle Your Own Canoe to my TBR list because I LOVE Nick Offerman (Parks and Rec FTW!). I tried reading You are a Badass, but I just couldn't get into it. Maybe I should give it another try.

  5. I liked the Uglies series. I'm not a short story fan, so probably wouldn't enjoy American Housewife. I did add You Are a Badass to my to read list!

  6. You are a Badass! I'm going to read that one. I love self-help. :-)

  7. Stephen King can be hit or miss for me but I have a lot of respect for him as an author. I enjoy scary books (well, sometimes) so I'm going to check out The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. The Uglies sounds really intriguing too and I've added it to my TBR. You are a Badass sounds like something I need to read as well.

  8. stephen king circa 1980s is the best...his recent stuff is meh...except dr.sleep - that was great.

  9. I read the Uglies series while in high school and really liked it! :)

  10. I liked Nick Offerman's book too. Hollywood biographies are really interesting to me.

  11. I enjoy the occasional Hollywood biography. I have Drew Barrymore's book on my shelf at home that I need to read.
    I can see why "You are a Badass" would grab your attention!

  12. I did not love American Housewife. Some of the stories were wonderful but overall, it wasn't my favorite book of short stories.

    Definitely adding Uglies.

  13. Semi-related, I want to watch Parks and Rec just because of Nick Offerman's character. I showed Teh German some of the memes and he laughed, so there is potential!


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