Weekend Recap: The One with the Martian

Friday: There were brownies. Also Dinosaurs.

Saturday: My brother's birthday! We went out as a family and had dinner. I have no pictures of this because we were too busy having fun. Sometimes you just have to be in the moment and not behind your phone! We had an awesome dinner at The Smokehouse and embarrassed him by singing Happy Birthday. 
Dylan Black
The birthday boy and his boy Archer.

Sunday: My parents offered to watch Kyra so that I could finally go see The Martian! 

I really enjoyed it but there were some parts that irked me. Hollywood did it's little number on it and I felt like some important parts were left out and some parts were made up. I won't spoil it for anyone but it wasn't as good as the book IMO. 

After the movie we were walking to go and get some food and we stopped so I could take a picture of this awesome sculpture/statue. 

Then we went and got some food and I was very amused to see they offered a doggie menu. We obviously didn't have any of our fur kids with us so we didn't get to see any of them but I still snapped a shot of the menu! Also my own awesome lunch, The Freebird Chicken Sandwich!

During lunch I started getting a headache and it was time to go and pick Kyra up from my parents but as we headed back to the car I stopped to take a picture of these creepy pumpkin people/things. 

The headache I got during lunch turned into a full blown migraine by the time we got to my parents' house. Nausea, light sensitivity, the whole nine yards. So my mom offered to keep Kyra a little longer so that I could go home and rest. My husband took off to go see his mom and I immediately got in pajamas and passed out. After a two hour nap the migraine was finally gone and my parents brought Kyra home. She and I then spent the evening cuddled up together watching Hotel Transylvania and reading her new current favorite book: Green Eggs and Ham! 

So that was our weekend! Hope you had a good one! Happy Monday.


  1. I'm battling a headache today and reading your post reminded me to take a sudafed, so thanks for that! I need to NOT get to the migraine point. I NEED to do a run today. It's a NEED, lol.
    I'm glad for your review of The Martian. I'll prob wait to see it, if I see it at all. It wasn't my favorite book of all time, but I hate Hollywood ruining things. #oldladystatus

  2. We watched Jurassic World on Friday too! I loved the Martian and now I'm kind of glad I didn't read the book first. The book is always better and I know I would have been comparing it the whole time!

  3. Any place that is so dog friendly that it has a dog menu is an awesome place in my book. We watched Jurassic World on Saturday, which is your Friday, so it was kinda like we watched it at the same time! I have yet to see The Martian, so thanks for no spoilers :)

  4. Glad you finally got to see The Martian! I have the audio version of the book and I'm excited to listen to it and see the differences for myself.


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