Weekend Recap: The Halloween Edition

My brother was having a Halloween party and if you were not aware....we go big around here. Honestly I hadn't been that excited for Halloween until a few days before when I finally knew what I was going to go as! You see my brother and his girlfriend were going as Beetlejuice and Lydia so I decided that I would go on theme and go as....Miss Argentina! 

Yes I am super blue. Yes it took forever to do. Yes it was totally worth it! 

Of course my brother and his girlfriend looked AMAZING! 

My Husband went as Otho to continue the theme! 

The party was fun and we made a TON of food for it! 

Saturday: The morning was spent grocery shopping and even though I hate the term with a passion being "basic". Yes I had a Starbucks Frapula in honor of Halloween. #sorrynotsorry #noshameinmygame
She loved riding in the Car/Cart!

That evening we decided we would chance taking Kyra out Trick or Treating. She is pretty shy around strangers and I wasn't sure she would enjoy it but imagine my surprise when she was all for it! She was scared at first but once she figured out there was candy involved she was running up to doors and knocking! I was super proud! 
Baby Owl Costume because warmth! Also CUTE.

The Haul. Not bad for her first time!

Easy day of watching movies and wondering what it is I was going to write about for National Novel Writing Month. Yes I should have had something picked out ahead of time but I wasn't feeling any of the ideas I had....I still wrote but it is just junk...still junk is better than nothing! It will come to me in time...it always does. 

So there was the weekend. Hope you all had a wonderful and safe Halloween. Happy Monday!


  1. You look AMAZING!!!!!! Seeing Kyra's popcorn balls reminds me of a story. I was a big fat failure and ran out of stuff for the trick-or-treaters. So, I raided the pantry. We have these individual sized bags of popcorn that my stepson loves, so I started handing them out. One little kid was the brightest ray of sunshine of the night. He thanked me for the popcorn no less than 10 times. His mother explained that he can't eat candy because he's diabetic. Me running out of candy and stealing from the pantry was supposed to happen for this kid, right?!

  2. What is a Frapula?! I'm so intrigued right now!!! lol

  3. That looks like so much fun! I go all out with my Halloween display, but I'd love to go to/have a party!


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