Confessions: Royal Edition

I confess that even though I'm not a baseball fan...we did make a trip down to see the parade in Kansas City for the Royals yesterday. We mostly just went because the parade route passed right by my husband's window and basically just to say that we went. I mean it was a pretty big deal. Plus the ocean of blue was pretty impressive.
A sea of blue. They were even in the fountain!

She loves the window. My little cutie in blue. She loves those boots BTW.

We were very high up. Go band!

I confess that my anxiety spiked during our drive took about 2 hours to get there! Thankfully we made it in one piece. 

I confess I totally bought a shirt so that I would fit in.....also bought Kyra a blue shirt so that she would fit in as well. 

I confess that my favorite part (and Kyra's) was the Clydesdale horses! 
Yay! Horses!

I confess that this confession post was a bit thrown together last minute because honestly yesterday was a very full day and I was pretty exhausted by the time we got home! 
Pre-Exhaustion Selfie

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  1. You always gotta love excuses to buy new shirts :)

  2. Wow, that is a pretty impressive showing! I watched a lot of the post season but I'm not a huge baseball person either. Still I might of made an exception for this, I love parades!


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