Thursday Thoughts: Remember Remember

1. It's the fifth of November.

2. Eeyore is still my favorite Winnie-The-Pooh character.

3. Dr. Suess was a genius. His books are still amazing.

4.Daylight Savings does not apply to parents.

5. Paying $6 for BRAND NEW jeans at the thrift store is my jam.

6.After finding the above GIF I remembered that I have two unused Victoria's Secret cards and I need to use them. They are about two years old. I know I know, but they don't carry my size bra in store (except in nasty brown/beige BS) and shipping fees SUCK. Ugh I'll just go buy some new underwear I guess.

7. I gave myself permission to work on just whatever random story popped into my head for NaNoWriMO instead of worrying about working on the one I've been working on forever. I am so glad I did this because writing has been going very well and I feel like I'm getting the feel for things again.

8. I wanna put my tree up.
9. If you wanna tell me about how there should be no Christmas stuff up yet because Thanksgiving I will kindly tell you to take that nonsense somewhere else. I'm a Christmas baby so therefore it is Christmas all the time in my heart.

10. Super proud of my city. 800,000 people were there to celebrate the Royals win and there was no rioting or massive destruction of property. Stay Classy KC. 

Happy Thursday Everyone.  


  1. Not gonna lie... I'm tempted to put up a tree already, too! lol Idk what it is this year!!!

  2. So glad it's finally Elf season. Not that I don't watch it in July sometimes... but now it's more normal. I make myself wait till after Turkey day for decorations but that doesn't mean I'm not super excited and like seeing them everywhere!

  3. Judge me, beige is my favorite color of bra because I can wear it any day, under any shirt, and not have to worry about it showing through. I wish I had bought more beige and less "cool colors". #bralife


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