Throwback Thursday: I look the same...

Morning Everyone, 

Today I thought it would be fun to share some Throwback Thursday photos. 

Baby Kimmy

Such a cute little poser. I loved being in front of the camera when I was little.

I was a big fan of bows. I remember having a whole bunch of them that I would sort through and pick which one that I wanted for the day. My mom always made sure it matched my outfit and she even made a lot of them.

Yep I look the same. Even though this was fourth grade. I had a hat that matched that vest FYI. It was a throwback to Blossom....remember that show? Yeah it was black with a massive sunflower on it. Also I hated my glasses and cried for hours when I found out I would need them. I still hate wearing my glasses and only wear them when I feel like death. 
Senior Year. Yep Still look the same. Yep my hair is the same. Don't care I like it this way! I actually felt really pretty when this one was taken. Senior Year was pretty awesome.

Hope you all enjoyed! If you feel like sharing your throwback photos let me know in the comments! 

Happy Thursday!


  1. I love looking at old pics of me growing up. I was so cute. You were/are too. :)

  2. As you've probably noticed from my instagram, I love a good throwback pic! The Blossom vest is amazing. And, let's talk about your hair in your Senior pic. Damn girl, you got alotta hair...and it's gorrrrrrgeous!!!!!!!

  3. I LOVED Blossom growing up! Vests and hats were so in! Nice throwback pics.


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