Confessions 11/18

Good Morning Everyone, 

It's Confession Time! 

I confess that I do not understand the poo emojie. I just don't get the appeal. I guess when you deal with poo on a daily basis it loses the funny/cute aspect. But honestly I just think....gross it's poo. 

I confess that my neighbors are on my shit list. They moved another family in with them and the NOISE. Seriously. Not to mention the amount of cars outside. Just...ugh. 

I confess that when a friend of mine posted that she is expecting her first baby I nearly burst into a happy dance. I love babies and I'm so happy for her! 

I confess that Friday cannot get hear fast enough because one of my BFF is coming into town and I have missed her face! #gonnadrinkallthewine

I confess that this double ear infection that I have is an absolute suckfest. First off I feel like I have cotton shoved into my ear and cannot hear anything. Second the drainage...ick. Third the ear drops that they prescribed me were like $300. thanks. Thankfully I know the pharmacy tech and she pointed me in the direction of some drops that have THE EXACT SAME INGREDIENTS...that cost.....$3. Now if the antibiotics will just do their thing I will hopefully be able to hear out of both ears soon. 

That's my confessions for the week. Be sure to join the linkups and share some of your own! 

Happy Humpday! 

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  1. I'm pretty sure that is how both of my sisters would feel about me if I was expecting. They both just want to play with a baby... lol. Um yes, I don't get the poo emoji either. XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. I love when my bestie is in town, it's so much fun to catch up and be silly. And I totally feel you on when a friend is expecting. I love doing the baby happy dance!

  3. We have some neighbors like that. To be honest I don't even know how many families are living in that house. We call it the couch house because they have a couch and a patio set out front that they are always out in, no matter the weather. Probably keeping tabs on the gazillion cars they have parked on my extremely narrow street. UGH. Shit list for sure.

  4. Earaches are totally the suck. I hope you feel better before your BFF arrives?

  5. Noisy neighbors are the worst. Mine are cool, but there are people across the way that always seem to have tons of people over, so it is cars everywhere. Ugh.

  6. Earaches are terrible! I hope you're feeling better before the weekend!

  7. I hope that you're feeling better before your BFF gets into town so you can do that dance & drink all the wine. Ha!

  8. Most of my neighbors are on my shit list. Why do people have to suck so bad?? Earaches are the worst, I hope you feel better soon!!!

  9. UGH!!!!!! Ear infections are the WORST! I remember one time I swore that someone was stabbing me in the ear with an ice pick. That's the only way to describe what I was feeling. Hopefully the meds work pronto!

  10. Ugh. Do not even get me STARTED on neighbors. I fucking HATE having neighbors, lol I only like one of ours... the rest, I hate with a fiery passion.

  11. shitty neighbours are THE WORST. i've been having issues with my asshole neighbours for YEARS it's hella annoying...i've had to call the cops of them, the city bylaw enforcement officers and they've passed by their house tons of times...then they got tired of it and told them that if they didn't keep that shit down, we could launch an investigation against them!! they piped down quite a bit after that thank god. now let's just see how things play out next summer (when we have the most trouble from them). in a way, winter is a blessing because they don't make noise during those months!


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