Reading....Welcome to Nightvale by Joseph Fink. I love the podcast and I was so excited when the book came out! I finally got it from the library yesterday and I am SO EXCITED to read it! 

Watching....Scream Queens. It's ridiculous and stupid....and weirdly hilarious. Jamie Lee Curtis is amazing. finish getting organized for the holidays. Seriously Thanksgiving is next week!!! start a blog series on baking. I seriously love to bake and this time of the year is when I get to indulge and try new things! Would you all be interested in seeing something like that??

Enjoying.....a new game that Kyra is playing. She puts her hand on your face until you "fall asleep" then she kisses your cheek to wake you up. It is hands down the most adorable thing ever. She's the sweetest.

Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. I seriously cannot believe that Thanksgiving is already next week. It blows my mind!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I would love it if you started a series on baking! I'm trying to become a better baker myself!

    Lauren :)

  3. I'm willing to test out any baking samples you may have. Because I'm more like Flora in the gif.


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