November Goals

1. Complete NaNoWriMo- I am on track for the moment. I just want to keep the momentum going!

2. 10,000 steps per day- I slacked off a lot in September/October. I need to step it up again! 

3. Christmas Shopping Lists done- I like to have these taken care of by the 1st of December. That way I can actually enjoy the holiday season!

4. Make at least 1 homemade gift- I want to make more but I know I have one that I really want to get done in time!

5. No more than 3 fast food meals this month- Because Budget.

6. At least 4 crock pot meals- Planning, Easy, Yummy.

7.  Go to the Y at least 3 times- I have the membership. I should go more often.

8.  Bullet Journal- I just started this. I'm kind of in love.

9. Blog at least 5 days a week- Consistency.

10. Spend time with friends- One of my college friends is planning on coming into town and I am so excited! I haven't seen her in months and I miss her face! 

What are some of your goals this month? Are you writing as well? I feel like I am always writing but NaNoWriMo gives me the excuse to really push myself and up my coffee intake!


  1. I have some yummy Crock Pot things on tap for this month, too. Nothing better than coming home to a yummy smelling house and dinner already DONE!

  2. Yeah for the bullet journal! I love mine!

  3. 10k step is soooooo many. ughhhh. No.
    I really like using my crockpot. I really hate having to find things to cook in it, lol.


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