The Last one of November

Good Morning Everyone, 

First off I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Whether you celebrated the holiday or not I still hope it was a weekend to remember. 

Here's a few things that happened over our weekend: 

My mom brought out some toys from when my brother's and I were kids. These are Zolo's and they are creative and awesome. Kyra loves them. 

There were pedicures. Hot Pink of course. 

I went crazy and made a million desserts. 

I just realized it looks like this little guy is making a frowny face.....

There were only 8 of us at this Thanksgiving. P.S. I had never made Pecan, Pumpkin, or Coconut Cream Pie before. They turned out awesome.

My mom went all out. (as per usual)  

My panorama went wonky and I kinda dig it.

And of course there were puppy dog antics- Chloe was the star this weekend.

Yes that is a cat toy on her head. We have no cats. Chloe just thinks she is a cat for some reason.

Again I hope you had a wonderful weekend. And look....tomorrow is the 1st of December!


  1. Hot pink on the toes is always a good choice! I can't believe you tackled three new pies for you...that's awesome!


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