Working On: Catching up on blog posts and working my way through the Show Us Your Books Linkup posts and comments! 

Watching: ALL THE THINGS. Over the weekend we worked through AHS: Hotel which wasn't bad but not my favorite season. We watched Season 2 of The Ranch which I LOVE. We also started watching Westworld which is really intriguing. I started watching This Is Us and so far I love it. Then I started American Housewife which had me laughing out loud. Fall is TV time around here if you couldn't tell and I am very excited that none of these shows featured a princess named Sofia, a pig named Peppa, or a duck named Quack! 

Reading: Just started Bad Girls Don't Die. Too soon to tell on this one if I will like it yet. Not bad so far. 


Loving: Lush! The other day was my first time purchasing anything from there and I am so thrilled with what I got! I will admit I was bummed I missed out on the Halloween ones but I really love the smell of the Christmas ones! Lord of Misrule smells so nice my husband even swiped some! And the Raspberry Jam bubble bar made about a million bubbles and it was so relaxing! Will for sure be buying from Lush again soon! 

Lord Of Misrule

Wanting: This set from Sephora. Totally going on my Christmas/Birthday List!

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Excited: My best friends Amanda and Matt are coming up this weekend so we can all go to the Ren Faire! I AM SO EXCITED. We will be dressing up and this is Amanda's very first Ren Faire! It's going to be amazing! 
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  1. I'm waiting for Westworld to finish so I can binge it. It's a cool concept but right now I'm working through The Night Of (so good!)

  2. I'm a big LUSH fan!

    I want to watch American Housewife. I like the woman lead.

  3. well Bad Girls Don't Die sounds/looks terrifying haha. i wanted to watch westworld, but KC started it without me (he's on fall break right now) so i'll watch it another time.


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