In Which We Catch Up

Hey there Everyone. 

So apparently I took a little blogging break without really planning to take a blogging break. It kind of came out of nowhere and the time passed so quickly that I didn't really realize just how long I was away. 

So here's a list of things I've been doing instead of blogging these past few days (or week, whatever)

1. Writing- Only long hand in a notebook. I'm prepping for NaNoWriMo again and I've been writing a lot more. However it only seems to come to me if I work it out longhand so I haven't even cracked the computer. 

2. Friends- Last weekend (not this past one the one before it) I had friends come into town. We all went to the last weekend of The Renaissance Festival, played lots of games, and just hung out. So obviously no blogging went down. 

3. I had all sorts of good intentions about writing about my weekend with my friends but then I started working on Halloween projects. I had started by DIYing my costume for Ren Fest (with LOADS of help from my Mom) and then the urge to make crafts has taken over. I hope to have a tutorial post on this little beauty up sometime this week. 

4. I've felt super guilty- I haven't been keeping up on blog comments and therefore felt like I should catch up on those before I wrote any more posts of my own. I apologize for taking so long to get through all of them and I feel horrible that I haven't even scratched the surface of the Book Linkup posts! I will get to them! 

5. Life. Life just kind of happens and I've been dealing with it as it does. It is no secret I have been in a weird funk for a bit now and I'm just trying to take each day as it comes. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and being a Mom is the only thing I can accomplish that day. And sometimes that means several cups of coffee and a little help from Disney. It is what it is. 

Anyhow I am hoping to get back in the swing of things this week. I have a lot of blog posts I want to finish and get up and a lot of posts I need to read and comment on! So here we go Monday....Let's do this. 


  1. don't feel guilty for not blog reading/commenting...we all get busy and it's expected!

  2. As for feeling guilty, I can only speak for myself, but don't waste any of those guilty feelings on me. I know it's been a rollercoaster year for you. Keep having fun with friends, being mommy, doing fun DIY projects, writing longhand, doing the things that make you happy and fulfilled.


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