Planet Comic Con Recap

Good Morning Everyone!

Today is the day I finally post my Comic Con Recap!

Basically the day started out with us getting ready. I did not dress up but my mom made a costume for Kyra and my youngest brother was going dressed up as well. So we all went to my other brother's apartment to get ready. He was doing all the special effects makeup and he lives the closest to where the convention was being held.

Dylan(my youngest brother) went as Two Face from the Batman comics/movies. My brother Brandon did all the effects makeup and my mom tailored the suit, combining two suits into one. It turned out awesome! 

Kyra's costume was transformed from the onesie that we picked up on clearance a few weeks ago. She was a Totoro! If you do not know what Totoro is, it is a character from an amazing film of the same name by Hayao Miyazaki. It is an adorable anime and Kyra was adorable as the character! Also for all the moms that have watched Toy Story 3 a million times, the little girl Bonnie has a stuffed toy of Totoro!

Here are some pics!

After getting ready we headed to the convention. Luckily my husband has connections and we got a sweet parking spot. Then it was Convention Time! My favorite part is of course the Cosplay so here are the very talented Cosplayers!

(Our Super Heroes)

(All Hail Loki) 

  (The Joke/Nurse, The Dark Knight)

(Odin the All Father) 

( Two Face and Harley Quinn) 
(Two Face and Catwoman) 
(Two Predators, An Alien, and the creepy facegrabber alien thing) 

There were so many other cosplayers but I have yet to get the other pictures loaded from my husband's phone. I utterly failed at picture taking because so many people kept stopping me to take pictures of Kyra in her costume! 

All in all it was so much fun, we got some really great art as well too! If you are interested in my favorites let me know and I will gather up all the links to their websites, trust me there is some awesome stuff!

Okay now I'm off to have story time with Kyra, big hugs to everyone! 


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