Hot Mama Monday- Trying something new

Good Morning Everyone and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

So it is time for Hot Mama Monday again!

The weekend was awesome and I will have a recap tomorrow with all the fun pictures from our adventure at Comic Con!

I like to try things out, but have a little problem sticking to them. I kinda give up when they either become too much work or I have a bad day and fall off the wagon. I have never been the type that can bounce back and be like "oh well I will do better tomorrow" I am much more likely to be like "ugh I suck, I will never get this, I'm done."

But I don't want to be that way.

So I'm not going to be any more.

So what am I doing?

Well basically I figured out that I didn't know how to eat and worse yet I ate at the WRONG times. I starved all morning, binged all night until late into the night keeping the cycle going. This did horrible things to my metabolism and no matter what sort of workout I did, if I couldn't get the furnace lit and going, nothing was going to burn off.

This meant that there would have to be many more meals incorporated into my day. Five meals in fact.

But they need to be easy. I have no time or patience for cooking. Baking is my love and I will do it all day but cooking? Ugh. So I need something easy to whip up.

With this criteria in mind I began the search. What sort of plan was I looking at? Was there even a plan similar to what I was looking for? Does everyone apparently live where they can get fresh seafood? Because seriously I cannot be eating fish three nights a week. I. Just. Can't.

Then I remembered something. I love that show Extreme Weight loss. I love it WAY more than biggest loser because it is focused on one person and they have a year to make the changes, that seems just so much more healthy to me. Also I really like the trainer, Chris Powell. He is inspiring without being mushy and is tough without being drill sergeant. (I'm sorry I will just say it...I'm done with Jillian. Go ahead and hate if you want but she just isn't for me)

So I went to the library and picked up Chris Powell's book, Choose to Lose. 

Then I read it.

Not like diet book reading it, where you skip to the back see the menu plan/monthly schedule and then give up right then and there.

No I read it. Cover to cover, word for word.

I don't know how to explain it, but something clicked.

I could do this. I could make this one work, it was adaptable to my lifestyle. I could be the me I really wanted to be....I really could...I only had to try. 

I went and bought the food I would need, I actually only had to pick up frozen berries and protein powder, everything else I already had in my house....oh and skim milk. It says to do Almond but I just couldn't do that, but skim was an acceptable substitute. So it was just fine on the budget.

The idea of his book and his plan is to Carb Cycle. One day is high carb, the next is low. Your body keeps guessing and thus you never feel deprived, you only have to make it until the next day to have something a little higher in carb. That doesn't mean you get to have cake every other day, but it isn't like most low carb diets where you are ready to trade in your worldly possessions for a slice of bread. 

Breakfast is a berry smoothie. Super easy and I can make it while Kyra is in her high chair having her breakfast. 

Second breakfast (morning snack to some) is a shake. I like the Chocolate Peanut butter. On high carb days you ad some oatmeal to the mix. Easy peasy. 

Lunch is normally Asian chicken wraps for me. A chicken breast diced up and cooked with veggies wrapped in a lettuce leaf. Add your tsp of soy sauce and hell it's Chinese takeout!

Dinner (or supper depending on where you are from) is another shake. 

Supper is Chicken Stir Fry on High carb days and Chicken Cobb Salad on Low.

Is it repetitive, yes very. Do I mind? Nope!

I like it, I know what I am having and that means I don't have to stress out too much. I know my grocery list and that makes my life even easier. Also Sunday is Sunday Funday! Sunday is the "cheat" day. He recommends you go out and have dinner somewhere so you don't have the stuff in the house. Personally I went and had some ice cream with cookies and it was damn delicious!

 This morning I was back on track again.

THAT had never happened before. Not once. Never.

I've done this for a week and yeah maybe I am in the Honeymoon phase, but not once last week did I get upset and cry about how I couldn't have something. I never felt that way, honestly. Also I was PMSing (TMI Sorry) so I could have potentially been really awful and bratty about it, but I wasn't. I actually felt really amazing. I still feel pretty amazing.

So I am going to try and stick this one out.

I am going to change.

I will be the best version of myself.

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