Friday Five

Good Morning Everyone!

It's Friday!!!!!!

Let's jump right in shall we?


Today is my brother's birthday! It is also Pi Day and Albert Einstein's Birthday! A good day all around! Anyhow my brother is celebrating his birthday by going on the free tour of the Boulevard Brewing Co. His awesome gf is taking him. She always finds the most fun things to do....and always for free or nearly free! I wish I was better at husband would love to do this tour....why do I never think of these things? Fail.  Anyhow big wishes to my brother bear on this lovely Friday!


Comic Con is tomorrow, and I am EXCITED. Seriously I cannot wait to go and see what everything this year. The art is amazing and I love to see the Cosplay. I will be taking my camera and taking lots of pictures and video of the day. There will be a post about it next week. If you are not into such things you have been warned, it will be a whole blog post and it will be nerd overload. Sorry I'm not sorry.


Kyra is starting to display startling signs of INDEPENDENCE. She wants to do everything herself. She wants so badly to walk and you cannot turn your back for a second or she will be in whatever you just told her not to touch. I realize she is only 9 months and does not really understand what I am saying and is just curious but MAN OH MAN. Why do we teach children to be mobile? She is still a sweetheart though and is just a little cuddle bug of affection. Still...that independent side....oh she is gonna give Mama trouble when she gets older....


My parents took Kyra all day yesterday. I got the entire day to myself and you know what I did? Super excitement....chores! I also took about an hour nap but couldn't lie there any longer once I  started going through the list of things to be done around the house. Do other people do this? Make lists while they lie in bed of all the things they need to get done with the knowledge that it will take much more than 24 hours to get it done and you will have no time in that 24 hours to get even half of the stuff done because other stuff will happen? I do this all the time....but I did get stuff done yesterday and today Kyra and I are spending the day playing in her room with toys and books and other fun things. Because it is Friday and we can!


My dog Luna is a Fugitive from the Law! Not really...she escaped yesterday and I had to load up Kyra and drive around the neighborhood looking for her....only to find her cornered by the police! Luckily I live in a very small town and the officers knew me. I got Luna loaded up in the car and was not fined or anything...however she is now staying out at my parents' farm until the foreseeable future. She is not an town sized dog....she's um.....Marmaduke sized? I have no idea what type of dog she is other than very large and sweet....if a bit dim....and now a fugitive....seriously you can't make this stuff up.....

Well that is it for me this week, have a great weekend and for those going out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day early this weekend, be safe and have a DD! 

Big Hugs!


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