Thursday Thoughts- The Motherhood

Good Morning all,

Yes this post is getting up a lot later than I would like but honestly after the morning I have had....ugh.

Anyhow as I was reading the blogs I ran across Mama Laughlin's post on her transition from working mom to SAHM and I fell in love with her statement. Being a mom is hard. Working mom, SAHM, adoptive mom....being a mother is hard.

My little darling is only 9 months old but in those 9 months and the 38 weeks it took to grow her, I became a different person. I am still me, but I am changed.

I never dreamed I could love a little human being so much. I never knew I would care so deeply about someone or that I would utterly forget myself at times.

When Kyra came along I had had every intention of returning to work....but after 12 weeks of maternity leave, three ten hour days back at the job, crying when I dropped her off at my parents and texting my dad eleventy billion times an hour.....I realized that it was not for me. I was sick, miserable, and I missed my baby. Also I was not working a job that I particularly loved. I loved my co workers but I did not love the job itself. So I made the decision that I was going to stay home with my baby.

It was hard. Our budget was cut in half. I had/have no money to just go blow on whatever I want. There are weeks that I never leave my house. There are days that I don't get to have an actual conversation with an adult, either because there isn't one around or because I can't have one without being interrupted. I never mind the interruptions but not everyone feels the same way.

I realize a lot of people think that I just sit around all day. To which I say, come stay with me a day and then tell me how you feel. Then I say, "Why are you judging me? What is wrong with my decision? It in no way effects you...."

You see I think being a mom is something pretty amazing. Not just because you have a little person in your life that you love more than you ever thought possible, but because it transforms you. Suddenly you are capable of so much. You run the house, you take care of this little life, you might be a wife, worker, you are still someone's daughter or sister. You have to think of a million little things in advance but still manage to forget where you put your keys....

It's a tough job and one that not every woman gets the opportunity to enjoy.

So why are moms so mean to other moms?

I'm not sure why the judgement happens. I personally cannot judge. I see a working mom and think, "Man she is amazing. How does she do it? Work so hard and still come home and smile and play with her babies when you know she is bone tired?"

I see a SAHM and think "My gosh she's got everyone dressed and out today! Rock on Mama! How does she do it with three kids?! I have one and still managed to forget something...."

I never judge if a mom has a messy house. I know because mine is constantly in a state of transition.

I never judge if a mom picking up her kids from a daycare, she's supporting her family and this is probably the best part of her day, picking them up and seeing them all happy to see her.

My heart hurts for the moms that have no choice and leave their babies every day to work when they, like me, would rather be at home.

I don't know why moms are so mean to each other. Why are we judging one another? We are all just trying to do the very best for our children. Why not support one another?

So I will put this out there, if you are a needing some support, if you are a working mom or a SAHM and need someone to talk to, I'm here, message me any time. I will not judge you, being a mom is hard, no matter which way you look at it....and no one but other moms understand it. We are in this together ladies!

Big hugs from me, and a little laugh for you in the video!


  1. I loved this post. Loved loved loved. Like you said, being a mother is hard, and your supportive attitude towards all moms (working or SAHM) is perfect. It's too bad more people aren't like this! Thanks for sharing :)


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