Friday Five- #ProjectSelflove

Good Morning Everyone,

So this week has just been a wash when it comes to the blog. I have been busy and my little angel has been a little less than angelic....still the sweetest baby ever but we've had some trials this week.

I am still working on my Comic Con post it is coming.

So today I am again jumping on the bandwagon. I saw Whit over at I wore Yoga Pants to Work do a post on this last week and I thought it was a great idea. I know a lot of us tear ourselves down on our blogs. Sometimes intentionally and sometimes not so much. Also I know we are all hard on ourselves whenever we look in the mirror and see our imperfections instead of all the good things that are there. The point of Project Self Love is to remind yourself of the things you Love about yourself!

So here is my Friday Five #ProjectSelflove!

1) My hair~ I was gifted with Disney style hair. I'm sorry I will brag about it just a bit. It is curly when I want it and straight when I want. I've had the same hair style for years (I can get pictures to prove it trust me) and it always looks good. It's jet black (with some sparkle now) and most days does just what I want it to. I never have to pay for stylists or anything like that. I have never been to a salon. Once every couple weeks I have my mom chop off an inch or two and chop my bangs back to length. That's it. Super low maintenance and I LOVE it.

2) My eyes~ They may not see the best but I do love my eyes. Yes they are small and squinty but I love them. My normal eye color is deep brown going into black but normally I am rocking my purple contacts and once I get into they eye doctor I will have the gold ones again. I think my eyes are pretty and when I smile they nearly disappear but that is okay, you just know I am happy!

3) My "top"~ This doesn't really need much explanation. You all get it. The ladies are nice and I appreciate them even though they get in the way all the time and I will never look right in a normal tee shirt without it having a V neck. Still I'd rather have too much than none!

4) My lips~ Again super weird but I like my lips. I think I have a nicely shaped mouth and when I remember to wear lipstick I usually get compliments on my mouth (which again is weird but hey boys are weird) So yes, lips are a favorite of mine, plus I usually am smiling and that always makes a person prettier.

5) My waist~ When I am not out of shape, and heck even when I am if I wear the right clothing, my waist is pretty nice. I have an hourglass shape when I am thin and my waist always is my favorite part when I am skinny. I love wearing corsets and corset style tops and it just helps to intensify the nipped in waist shape. Thank you to my mom for that gift because she also has the smallest waist. Yay genetics! 

So there you have it! Please feel free to post your own favorite things about yourself! Everyone deserves to be reminded how awesome they are with the things they already have!

Big hugs to all, Have a great weekend!


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