Tuesday Tunes: My High School Playlist

Good Morning Everyone, 

So I was cleaning out the basement yesterday (2015 is the year of the purge. I have gotten rid of so much stuff!) and happened upon my MASSIVE CD case. This was way back when CDs were cool and MP3s were not even really heard of yet.

Anyhow I took a browse through my case only to come across this gem: 

I had no idea what was on this disc but apparently they were my Jamz (oh that z....) and I thought...hey wouldn't it be fun to show the entire world how ridiculous my taste in music was in high school? Thus this post was born. 

Now I popped this thing into my computer and fired it up. I knew it was going to be good because of course Grace Note couldn't find the names of the songs. So I had to identify them myself as I listened along. Awesome.

Here's the playlist (don't judge!) 

1. Birthday- 50 cent
2. I Do- Toya
3.Young'n- Fabolous
4.The Whole World- Outkast
5.Gossip - Missy Elliot
6.Work It- Missy Elliot
7.Separated- Offspring 
8.Fly for a White Guy- Offspring
9. Perfect Day- Offspring
10. Original Prankster- Offspring
11. She Hates Me- Puddle of Mud
12. Skillz- All For One
13. Feuer Frei- Rammstein
14. Let the Bodies Hit the Floor-Drowning Pool
15. I will be heard- Hatebreed 

I can feel your judgement. 

It's okay. I was a weird kid and had strange taste in music, but basically I just liked about any genre as long as it sparked something. A lot of these songs were to get me going for a cheer-leading event or to help me write story scenes. I admit freely that some of them are ridiculous and yes I shook my head more than a few times in absolute shame for my younger self, but hey it is what it is! 

Still have any of your old mixes from high school? Would our musical tastes have been at all similar? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I have no judgement for you. I actually still love The Offspring!

  2. Semi-related story: I also used to name the CDs I burned to listen to in the car and once Teh BFF and I burned a CD and it included the AC/DC song Highway to Hell, which is what we named the CD because 1- the title is always the name of one of the tracks and 2- Hell was what we called the grocery store where we worked, which was often when we would be listening to this CD. Our next CD also had Highway to Hell on it, but we got clever and called the CD 18 because the road to "Hell" was Hwy 18. To this day the cleverness that we exhibited still makes me gleeful.

    Also, I remember burned CDs with Tatu- All the Things She Said and Avril Lavigne - I'm With You on them... soooo there's THAT.

  3. No judgement from this corner!! Shall I age myself? I made mix-tapes. Wish I could find then - if they even still exist! I'm pretty sure my brother snagged them when I left for Navy bootcamp in 1992.

    So in the pre-CD era....I had to sit by the radio or TV (when MTV actually played MUSIC!!) and wait for the desired song to come and and hope the DJ/VJ didn't talk over the first few seconds - and that no one else came in the room talking. My tunes of choice were mainly 80s hairbands. Motley Cure, Def Leppard (still love them today!) Poison, etc, etc, etc. Once I had a job and some $$, I splurged for a dual-cassette deck where I could get decent recordings of other tapes. We had to work for our tunes!


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