Weekend Rambly Stuff

Good Morning Everyone, 

Apparently it is June 1st already. Half the year is gone. I have no idea why it is that time is flying by so quickly but here we are.

Though despite how quickly the year is going last week seemed to drag on and on....actually the week was a bit of a mess for me but that is a whole other thing. 

I didn't get around to doing my garage sale this past weekend. I just couldn't seem to get everything together in order to get it out there in time. I'm not too worried about it however as it rained pretty much the entire weekend. There will be another weekend I'm sure. 
What we did get accomplished on Saturday was a lot of wandering around looking for inspiration on what to get Kyra for her birthday. Mostly just a lot of this happened.

Also we managed to get Bobby some new shorts which I pointed out he needed because the ones he was wearing were started to get a hole in them. He fought at first but thankfully we were able to find some that he liked at Kohls. Win. 

I however found absolutely nothing despite trying many things on. Fail. 
Sunday morning was spent doing the grocery shopping. It actually wasn't too bad because: 
1) I had a list
2) We left super early in the morning and beat the crowd. 

We were back home by 10am and I was SO happy about it! 

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry, meal planning, and playing endless rounds of blocks/coloring/My Little Pony with Kyra. We also got caught up on all our Hulu Shows during this process.

All in all it was a really nice afternoon and I tried to let myself relax and enjoy myself instead of worrying about what I had to do this week. Of course it all caught up with me about midnight last night and I spent the next two hours in a state of anxious stress until finally passing out from sheer exhaustion. So you know...the normal. 

The reason for the stress is this week is going to be a busy one since Kyra's birthday is this Friday! 

Two years have flown by...seriously they warn you about this when you get pregnant but you aren't really prepared....

Anyhow so I will be spending the week getting my house in order before her party on Saturday and honestly I'm already freaking out about it. I'm sure it will be fine but honestly worrying has become one of my best skills. 

Now on I'm off to get started on excessive cleaning that I've convinced myself the house needs. Pray for me.


  1. early morning shopping is my fave if i can get my ass out of bed to accomplish it. When I was un(der)employed, I liked going out on weekday mornings because NOBODY is at stores then and I don't have to dodge babies and buggies and people walking and reading their cell phones. I'm such an old lady.
    Meh to cleaning. If people can't come over and accept your "mess" then who cares. I didn't even vacuum before my Granny arrived. I did at least wash the sheets in the guest room though, so there's that.

  2. Talk about years flying by! We'll be having people over this weekend due to my baby graduating from high school (sob!!) and I won't worry about cleaning the house until Friday night when I freak out and stress and all the rest. Saturday night after commencement is the All Night Senior Party for the new grads and I stupidly volunteered for I'm not even sure what! Don't even know when I pulled an all nighter last!


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