My Beauty Wishlist Summer 2015

Good Morning Everyone, 

It's no secret around here that I'm a tad makeup...obsessed? 

Yes I know I have a problem. #sorrynotsorry

Today I'm going to share with you my current Beauty Wishlist! (Also known as the items I would buy the minute I hit the lotto because of course they are on the pricey side. womp womp.) 

There are some AWESOME products that have just recently been released or are about to be released and I have a MIGHTY NEED. 

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighters-  I will admit that I love a good highlight. Seriously they are wonderful for when I'm not feeling a full face of makeup but want to look like I tried at least a little. These look amazing!

2. Colourpop Lippie Stix- I want to order from Colourpop SO BADLY. They are actually a really great price for some truly gorgeous colors! I love this whole set and am really excited about the new all matte colors that are coming out next soon!

3. Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows- Makeup Geek is another brand that I want to order from like as soon as possible. Every time I see these shadows on Instagram I fall more in love with them. So much pigment!

4. Morphe Brush Set- Brushes are super important to makeup application IMO and these Morphe sets are so gorgeous and have some really great reviews. I'd love this beautiful purple set!

5. Dose of Colors Berry Me 2- Honestly I would take just about any color from Dose of Colors but once they released Berry Me 2....I need this in my life!!

6. Urban Decay Smokey Palette- When this palette was announced I was so excited. I love a good smokey eye and Urban Decay has yet to let me down with their palettes (I own like five of them...) and this is just another one for the collection!

7. Urban Decay F-Bomb-Yes I have an obsession with lip products. Yes I need this gorgeous bombshell red. Little known fact...I'm obsessed with pin up girl looks and this red looks perfect for that style!

8. Geek Chic Witchcraft and Wizardy Set- It is no secret that I love Harry Potter. It is also no secret that I am a huge nerd. Also a makeup yeah geeky makeup? Harry Potter themed? NEED IT.

9. Geek Chic Awesome Mix Set- Guardians of the Galaxy Nerdy Makeup goodness. Again...I need this.

10. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Craft- Okay so I have been wanting to jump on the Liquid Lipstick train for a while now but these are really pricey at $20 bucks a pop...however I REALLY REALLY want this color. It is just so gorgeous and it will be the perfect color for fall! 

There you have my top ten wishlist items! What products are on your beauty wishlist? Will you be adding any of these items to your own list? Let me know!  


  1. I like the Anastasia liquid lips a lot. They stay on long. But I need a gloss on top of them, FYI.

    I don't use a highlighter but the ones you have up there are quite pretty.

  2. I'm pretty lame makeup-wise. I just use the same stuff all the time. I really want to get into lipstick, though! I have nude and red and I just feel so weird wearing them since I don't I feel like everyone around me will magically know I never wear it and think I look weird too. Ha! I really want a bubblegum-y pink lipstick like I've been seeing everywhere!

  3. I didn't even want to open this up at first when I saw the title because I knew there'd be too many temptations! Then...I saw the UD Smoky Palette. When was this announced? How did I miss this? I need it in my life NOW. I've been wearing a lot of Too Faced Melted Fig this week. I don't know why this week has been the week for fig lips, but it has.


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