Confessions 6/17

Good Morning Everyone,

It's time for confessions!

I'm seriously having so much trouble sleeping that I'm at the point I might as well just stay up all night until I finally fall down from exhaustion. #stress #shutupbrain

I've spent the last two days seriously cleaning and purging all the junk. I try to get it all out of the house before my husband sees the piles because he is the WORST at bring it back in because "we need it."

I have called out at least three people who have said "Jurassic World isn't realistic."  Um duh? You do realize that this whole franchise is based on the idea that we brought dinosaurs back to life? Do you see any Triceratops in the park? BTW the movie was awesome.

I have about four blog posts that are in the draft folder that aren't done simply because I haven't taken the photos for them. Literally no other reason that photographer laziness. It's just so much to think know I should do it....

I almost deleted the whole blog last night. Just POOF gone. I seriously thought about it...but then I decided that I was just making a permanent decision based on a temporary emotion. Glad I took a break and thought about it first, otherwise where would the confessions go?

I haven't been reading/commenting much lately. Mostly because I'm kind of in a rut and also I have been working on cleaning the house. Also reading. Lots of reading.

That's it for me today. Happy Humpday Everyone, be sure to join the linkup! 

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren


  1. Don't fully delete the blog. If you need to take a break from it, take a break. But, you're correct. Don't make a permanent decision based on a temporary emotion. I always have blog entries in my draft folder because I haven't completed them one way or another. I just looked, and I have 8 in draft right now. Ha!

  2. Yes! Jurassic World was amazing and since when is bringing dinosaurs back to life realistic?! Pessimists trying to ruin all the fun.

  3. YAY for productivity in reading and cleaning! I also have to toss stuff while Mr. Scrooge isn't looking because he wants to keep all the things! We no shit have a box on the counter that has a magnetic close (which is kinda cool) but it was from a bottle of scotch he bought that came with 2 glasses.. Apparently, I should wrap a gift in the box... that says Glenmenigre all freakin' over it... #donotunderstand


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