Friday Favorites 6/12

Good Morning Everyone,

It's Friday Favorites and First off....THIS...
This. Today. Can. Not. Wait.

Now on the with regular favorites: 

Fashion Favorites: 
Olive & Lace Up Sandals // #street #fashion

Comfy Travel by tmlstyle on Polyvore featuring Love Sam, Miss Me, Madewell, Lucky Brand and Maiyet
This look so comfy and yet still summery. Love it.

Love it. The whole thing. Especially the shoes. WANT.

If they had these in silver, they'd be a serious contender (-: C-3322 Large Sea Horse
These are so stinking CUTE.

Beauty Favorites: 
turquoise and purple hair
Am Obsessed with Mermaid Hair. OBSESSED.

Get eyeliners in all colors – especially the creamy ones in retractable or pencil form. Eyeliners can double as eye shadow, too, so make sure you have more than just black or brown in your arsenal. Lighter colors like nude and white can be used to line the waterline to get a fresh look or to highlight under the brow bone for instant lift. Get yourself some glitter liner, too, as this is all you really need to do a day to night transformation.
Purple Smokey Eye. I'm dying.

Nerdy Girl Favorites: 
Harry Potter Inspired Custom Hogwarts House Points Necklace, Slytherin Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Necklace, Harry Potter Gift
I need this.

Clever Girl
I want to be her best friend. This girl is going places.

Please excuse me while I sob uncontrollably.

Favorite Funnies: 

sooo funny

"Coffee Slut" Coffee Mug. That's legit

That's it for me this week. Have a great weekend Everyone!


  1. I cannot do the gladiator sandals! They make me itch just thinking about it.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Those sandals are super cute. And that mug is hilarious!!

  3. Evidence of my blue hair is almost gone after this weekend's chop. It makes me sad and happy at the same time. I miss it though. All the days. I think I need to read a good romance book and fall for some fake people. I need some sappy in my life.

  4. Well, found you on the Hashtag Humpday link-up but had to back-stalk you and all of your posts are perfect. I want to be that girl's best friend too. I wish I had though of that when I graduated...


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