What I Read: Kyra's Favorites

Good Morning Everyone, 

I know that one of my favorite monthly posts is the Show Us Your Books Linkup. It's awesome getting to see what other people have read to get new books for your own list. I also love seeing books that I've already read and getting a different perspective! 

Today I thought I would share with you some of Kyra's favorite books! Maybe you have little ones and need some new books or maybe you are like me and are happy to read any book even if it is in the Children's Section! 

Here we go: 

Bunnies- This is a recent favorite but Kyra really loves the different bunnies and likes to point out what each one is doing ("Sleeping!" she will yell.) She also likes to tell me the colors. Very cute little book.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear- This one is a lot of fun because Kyra likes to tell me all the different animals. She is also STELLAR at telling me all the colors of each one. This is a great learning book as well as fun when read in a sing song type voice!

Ferdinand the Bull- Kyra likes this one mostly because she likes to point out the flowers that Ferdinand smells and she likes when I make the cow sounds. It's also a very sweet story of a gentle bull who keeps his sweetness no matter what but I think she is still too little to understand that part!  Either way she keeps coming back to this one!

There's A Monster at the End of this Book- This is a classic in my humble opinion. Kyra loves how dramatic I act when we read this one, making each page SUPER hard to turn and exclaiming loudly. Who says books have to be a quiet activity?

The Little Black Pony- Okay so to be fair this story is actually one that my mom told us when we were little and we don't have a book for it. She says it is from a second grade primer when she was little and the story stayed with her. I have never been able to find the story in its' original form but it is a favorite of mine and I love that Kyra loves it when I tell it to her. It's a tradition now!

These are just her top five at the moment and they are ones that we have read MULTIPLE times! I love that I get to pass on my love of reading to her and our nightly bedtime stories are one of my favorite times of the day.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


  1. Ferdinand was one of my favorite books growing up! My husband looked at me weird one day, when our lilacs and crabapple tree were blooming and it smelled so good. I told him I was going outside to Ferdinand.


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