Confessions 6/24- A little perspective

Morning Everyone,

I confess that I kinda took a week off from blogging. It wasn't planned or anything. I just stopped posting last week. I think I needed a little time to re-evaluate. 

I confess that part of the sudden break was that I had gotten my feelings hurt over not being included in the blogging "it" crowd. Ah well I was never in the cool crowd in high school either. 

I confess that I had made a post that I worked really hard on...I put so much of my heart in to it...and it flopped. I was a little heartbroken about it....

I confess that it also hurts that my most popular posts are pretty generic run of the mill stuff....stuff I put together without much thought or time...yet they have thousands of hits while things I really cared about go basically unnoticed. 

I also confess that taking the time off let me really start to think about what I want from this blog. Things I want to post about. Things I want to write about....and where I want this to go. 

I confess that once I stopped to think about it I realized that I just want this to be a place for me to share things with you all. It might be tips, it might be recipes, it might just be what I did that day. 

I confess that I'm done expecting this to be anything more than a sounding board for my own thoughts. I'm done waiting for THE post to break through. 
I confess that I'm ready to just be happy with what I have and to just write because I love it. 

Happy Humpday Everyone...Be sure to join the linkup. 

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  1. I can SO relate to this post. I don't even think I want to be a part on the "in" crowd ... Because I really don't want to follow any blogger "rules" ... But, I still ask "why don't I have more followers?", "am I too old?", "am I not smart/funny/witty enough?". It happens. I don't want it to happen, but it does.

  2. I've finally given up on giving fucks about followers/what posts succeed. I've seen others make it big and then I've seen how that changes their blogging style/etc and I don't like it and wouldn't want to change like that myself. It's my blog, I do what I wawnt. And mostly, I don't want to cater to people. I want my blog to be a record of my life that people can happen to see, if it floats their boat. In the beginning it was a way to show my family what was happening in my life when I was stationed oversea, and now I like that Teh Blog is MY outlet. Also, more than 10-20 comments on a post overwhelms me.

  3. I feel you! I write posts that I think are such a great idea or I'm so excited about and...womp womp! Then I can write one that I'm just like, "eh, that'll do" (or it's for a link-up and I'm not all that stoked about the topic but I do it anyway) and it gets tons of views! I try so hard to not care about views, but when I get higher views I get super then when they're low I'm definitely disappointed. I'm working on not letting it bother me.

    1. Oh and I almost forgot I LOVE all the Juno GIFs!

  4. I don't get bored or discouraged with blogging because I have never considered it anything other than a place for me to share my thoughts. About a year after I started blogging, people I didn't know started commenting on those thoughts. I had no idea about a blogging community, commenting, reading other blogs, followers, none of it. Some things I like about the community and some things I don't. I give no shits about followers, writing pinnable posts, or being a blogging superstar. It's just a place I use to share. My expectations are low so I'm always happy with it. I wish the same for you.

    When you write something, you have no idea what will hit home with people and what won't. That's the beauty of being a reader and a writer - different things resonate with different people. And that's okay.

    There's a blogging it crowd?

  5. Wait, there's an IN crowd for blogging??? I'm clearly not part of it, either! I like your variety of posts, but as I think about it, it makes me sound stalker-ish, but I like reading about what other people having going on in their lives.

    Anyway, if someone was 50+ comments on their post, I'm likely not to leave one.


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