Choose Your Own Adventure- May Recap

 Good Morning Everyone, 

Today is the last of the Choose Your Own Adventure linkup! I'm a little bummed as this has been a fun set of challenges but with summertime now in full swing around here it will probably be for the best as it gets busier! 
Life According to Steph

So here is how I did on last month's goals!

May's Goal: Read
1) Get caught up with my GoodRead's Challenge. I am 6 books behind as of today!---I am currently 3 books behind now. I didn't get completely caught up but I did try. Honestly I have been busy and a little distracted when it comes to sitting down and reading! However I do have a nice list of books for the Show Us Your Books Linkup next week!
2) Listen to at least 1 new audiobook. (This counts as reading too right?)---I did it! It wasn't a long book by any means but it was a set of short stories with one of the stories being by an author that I follow regularly. Fun to listen to and great for when I was trying to get my daily steps in!

So yes these were pretty small goals to set for myself but honestly I felt pretty good at what I managed to get accomplished! 

Can't wait to see how you all did! Have a Happy Thursday Everyone!


  1. Good job getting 3 books in last month! Revel in your accomplishments!

  2. Girl, I'm 6 books behind my Goodreads challenge too! I'm catching up quick though haha. I'm currently reading Mr. Mercedes. Got to love Stephen King!

  3. Halfway to the first goal is great progress in just one month. That's awesome!

    Ashley is keeping the monthly goal thing going but without the overarching one month theme if you're interested.

  4. Steph beat me to letting you know that I will be continuing the goal link up without the themes. It was a last minute decision since I really do like setting goals and reading others. May was a busy month for me to. So creating smaller goals was for the best on my end. Is that how you ended up feeling, too? I hope you join me next month.

  5. I really should try audio books, I never have before but I think I would like it. Might make me walk longer when I'm out with the dog!


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