The Weekend Recap

Good Morning Everyone! 

Let us begin with Thursday since that was technically the weekend beginning. Thursday was of course New Year's Day and I spent most of the morning attempting to get through to the Morphe site in order to get the Jaclyn Hill Favorites pallet. It was a struggle but I finally managed to snag one after about six hours of trying. 

(Yes I am aware I have a problem) I also managed to make lots of new Twitter friends during the struggle that were also just as obsessive and crazy devoted and loyal as myself.

Thursday afternoon was filled with nerdy goodness as we went to see the final Hobbit movie. I loved it of course. Laughed, cried, got a little sad that the whole thing was over now, and of course made plans to have the most epic marathon when all the movies are released on DVD. It was a lot of fun and it had been a while since we had been to the movies!

( We didn't get to see this one but I really want a Baymax all the same!!)

Friday was a weird sort of day. I spent the beginning of the morning not feeling all that well but then started feeling okay so I started in on the cleaning up of the Christmas stuff. However after my brother in law brought me lunch I got really sick. I think it food poisoning because it only lasted the night but it was a rough night all the same. 

One good thing was that the owners of the puppies came and picked them up. Yes I found the original owners! Sometimes Facebook is pretty handy. Anyhow they took three of the four little ones home. The fourth found a home at my brother in law's house and is now named Noelle since he found her on Christmas Eve! 

Saturday was spent busy, busy, busy. We took down ALL the Christmas things and put them away. Also we completely rearranged the living room again now that there isn't a tree in it. It looks really nice and was a good way to get me ready for setting up the cleaning schedule I am starting today. 
Cleaning a little bit each day (but not the Pinterest-prescribed amount) actually improved my life.
Saturday evening was spent hitting up the stores to restock the shelves as we are entering the real beginnings of winter around here. We got a bit of snow that night but nothing too major, but at least if we are snowed in here we won't have to resort to eating tree bark. 

Sunday was an epic lazy day. The most I got done around the house was cooking and doing dishes. The rest of the day was spent watching season 7 of Big Bang Theory and pushing Kyra around in her Cozy Coupe. It was pretty awesome. 

So there you have it, the weekend recap. How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting? 

Tomorrow I'm going to be doing a review of an awesome gift that my husband got! Be sure to check it out! 


  1. I was so incredibly lazy yesterday too! I played Dance Central all day long so I could start not feeling so horrible about the prior two weeks gorging myself on wine and carbs. HA.

  2. Hurrah for a new house cleaning schedule! I hope it's a breeze for you after this week.

  3. Hope you're feeling better! At leat the rest of the weekend was ok!


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