Choose Your Own Adventure Linkup: January Edition

Good Morning Everyone! 

So today is the linkup for the Choose Your Own Adventure!

Life According to Steph

I confess that I totally forgot what it was that I set for December Goals but oh well, New Year, New Start! 

January's Goal: COMPLETE

So here are my "Complete" Goals: 

1) Complete the entire month using the cleaning schedule I've started this week. 

2) Complete all tax prep

3) Complete edits on my finished first draft of Book One

I know it is only three items but I figure it is a good start and honestly the edits on the story are going to take up the most time for sure! 

Also on Monday I will be having an update post on how it is going using a cleaning schedule and how I did my first week!

What are your COMPLETE goals? Be sure to join the linkup! 

Happy Thursday!


  1. I think it's good to set fewer goals - it gives you a better chance of completing them! I'm bad about that. I usually set too many and then scramble to finish.

    Taxes - bleurgh.

  2. Taxes are on my list too!

    I only set three as well - I've got other stuff going on aside from this challenge!

  3. Good luck with your edits! I also write and am working on that too.

  4. Oh man taxes... that probably should be on my list too. Good luck with January! I'm excited to see the post about your cleaning schedule.

  5. I should have put complete my tax prep on my list. Good luck this month. I'm happy to have you joining us this month!

  6. wow you have a first draft finished?? Go you. Im still working on mine! Love that!

  7. I am with everyone else here---taxes slipped my radar. Whoops. Good thing my dad's an accountant and will get on me about it before it's too late ;)
    Good luck with your goals!


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