Friday Favorites 1/9

Happy Friday Everyone! 

Has it been a busy week for everyone else? I feel like it has been a LONG one for me...maybe it's because I haven't left the house due to the extreme cold. Either way I am glad that it is Friday and looking forward to the weekend! 

Now it's time for some favorites! 

Beauty Favorites
Perfect the timeless cat eye by following this detailed pictorial. Get the must have products needed to create this sexy flick.
I plan on mastering winged liner at some point...I love the look of this one!

10 + Easy Step By Step Owl Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners 2014 ...
How Adorable is this nail art?!?!

Fashion Favorites
Gothic Fashion *drooling over these boots bigtime*
I need these in my life ASAP

Cute nighttime stars and moon umbrella
This is so cute, would make a rainy day brighter for sure!

Nerdy Girl Favorites
Potions Master Decal Kit for your Kitchenaid Stand Mixer - Harry Potter Inspired with Polyjuice Potion Recipe on Etsy, $16.99
I may have to get these decals for my mixer...I'm in love.

Coffee Mug Harry Potter Inspired Mug Muggle by JustABrushAndPaint, $8.00
This mug completely describes my life. #themugglestruggleisreal

Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 iPhone Case
What can I say? I have a Harry Potter addiction.

Favorite Funnies

17 New Year's Eve Someecards That Will Start Your 2014 With A Laugh

That's it for me this week! Have a great Weekend Everyone and don't forget to join the Linkup!! 


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