First Friday Favorites of 2015

Good Morning Everyone, 

Welcome to the first Friday Favorites of 2015! 

This is still one of my very favorite linkups! Be sure to go to Amanda's blog and join it because seriously it is one of the best ways to start (or middle or end!) your Friday! 

Here we go: 

Favorite Movie (this week): 
We saw this yesterday and I LOVED it! Of course I love all the LOTR movies and am a little sad they are all done now!

Beauty Favorites: 
I spent the better part of 6 hours attempting to get this pallet! However I finally got through (after the Jacattack Pack broke the internet...) and later this month it shall finally be mine!!!

Fashion Favorites: 

And eyeliner

Tale as old as TIME
 Christian Louboutin for Women
Favorite Mug: 

Nerdy Favorites: 

Pokemon Jumper Hoodie Funny Gift Pikachu Anime Manga Team Rocket Hoody J0696 | eBay

I want!!!!!
Favorite Funny: 

I don't pretend to be anything I'm not. Except for sober. I've pretended to be sober a few times.
That's it for me today, I am going to attempt to get some housework done today because I think I might be getting! So I better take care of things now before I'm down and out! 

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Those loubs are absolutely fabulous and I totally need that sweatshirt because mascara and caffeine is seriously all I need in life as well!

  2. haha those funnies are amazing! Love the sweatshirt too!


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